May 3, 2009

a little soul food...

 i got to go to women's conference at byu with my sister, ginny, and her daughter, gretchen this week.  it is a place each year that women of our faith can meet together and hear inspirational and educational talks.  this year i had a hard time getting excited about going...i've been driving a lot lately and just wanted to stay home with my family.  i'm so glad i did go!  i got to spend time with my girls and i heard some things that i needed to hear...thanks ruth todd! there are always a few key things that stick in my mind when i come away from women's conference.  it seems each year there are different things that i'm missing in my life and need to hear.  ruth todd gave a talk on how we as mothers have been given the responsibility to lead our kids down the right pathways.  'mothers lead the way'  and we really do.  i realized that maybe some of the paths that i choose to take are not the ones that i want to have my girls emulate...language being a major one, i'm a total potty mouth.  i came away from that class feeling like a big fat failure at some things but with a resolve to be a better mom.  that's why i love going there.  it's like getting a big ole dose of straighten up and be a better person.  but put in a really gentle, kind, loving way.;D
at the end of the conference there is generally one of the general authorities that comes to speak to all of us in the marriott center.  one of my favorite sessions.  i've told you before how all of those women together singing affects me.  anyhoo...this year l. tom perry spoke to us.  he talked to us about how the outside world thinks of us as mormons.  of course there was the whole polygamy thing...WE ARE NOT!...then the whole we aren't christians thing...hello, my name is marci and i belong to the church of JESUS CHRIST of latter-day saints. nuff said there. we were told that for every 1 person who thinks of mormons favorably there are 4 who don't. huh?  there was the one lady who said that we can't eat ought to hear the laughter ringing through the marriott center on that one...that's the only thing that get many many mormon women through life.  then there were like 4 people on this video he showed us that described us as amish.  it was eye opening.  what i took out of it was this:  truly live my religion.  to me that means this:  try to live like christ by being as loving, kind and respectful of others as i can.  be a good example of the things that our church stands for.  don't be afraid to answer others questions about mormons...that's one that is hard for me because i'm not as educated as  i would like to be but i can try.  so i have a lot to work on and hopefully when i go back next year i will be able to see the progress that i've made this year!
thank you ginny and gretchen for going with me!  


Felicia said...

Thank you for sharing. I'm glad you went so I could hear about it.

Gretchen said...

You are great! thanks for letting me tag along :)

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