June 21, 2009

big d & fatherhood...

once upon a time, a long 16 yrs ago, i was a single mom.  i had a beautiful baby girl but was runnin a little short in the love department.;D  then big d showed up AGAIN in my life and the rest is history...we are a happy family.  well we are a stubborn, sarcastic, sometimes happy family.  just keepin it real people.

the point of it is this...it's father's day.  big d is a great father and deserves a little pat on the back for being one.  so i'm going to tell you why he is. 
  • he is a father to 3 girls who are emotionally all over the place and has a wife who is me...not an   easy task. 
  • he loves all of us with all the love he has.
  • he works hard then comes home and vacuums...never mind that is his happy place, he still does it and it's much appreciated.
  • he takes the little girls to the movies and out to dinner even though it makes him want to scream and pull what little is left of his hair out.
  • he is  good for a cuddle or hug whenever, wherever.
  • he gives them 5 otter pops at one time and i'll only give them 2.
  • he will clean up puke, poop, and deal with the kids anytime of the night...their mom is not nice in the middle of the night.  true story, my friends.  not nice at all.
  • he loves his girls and would fight to the death for any one of them.  believe it.  ask the boys that mady's brought home.  a couple of them could tell ya.
there are a bazillion other reasons that i could think of but mainly i just want to say...thank you handsome for being a wonderful father to our girls.  thank you for being there for us when we need you.  thank you for making us laugh.  thank you for taking me away from the crazy kids every once in a while and to the movies when i think my head is going to pop.  thank you, thank you, thank you.
love you....always & forever.

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Kristina P. said...

He sounds like a great dad, Marci, and you are lucky to have each other!

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