June 22, 2009


-k i met the coolest girl at soap making class the other day.  her name is olivia and she has a little group called GO GIRLS!  the idea came to her one day when she was taking a class about water storage and the speaker asked the question...how are you going to feel when your little one tells you that they are so thirsty in the event of an emergency and you have no water to give them.  she decided right then that she needed to get going.  so she started this little group of ladies and they meet once a month during summer and twice a month during the school year.  each time one of the ladies teaches about something she wants to get accomplished...then each of those women go out and do it!  they either have to have it accomplished when they come for the next meeting or have a plan on how they are going to accomplish it.  they'll kick you out of the group if you don't do it!!!  seriously.  i love it too because they are CHEAP and so they understand the need to keep costs down.  i'm totally joining them.  if you are interested and live remotely close to the valley then let me know and i'll give you her info.

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Em @ Bunch of Scrap said...

OMG, you have the CUTEST blog! I am happy to say you won my Cluttercast Giveaway this week! Please email me your address so I can send you the birdy! emnichole@hotmail.com

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