June 22, 2009


i know that you will all find this hard to believe (;D) but i just finished my very first head to tail quilt on my own.  it's for my little niece, mckinley, and it was super easily done with a couple of the little charm packs. i decided to make a quilt every time a niece or nephew is born.  sorry all of the ones that came before, i just started this tradition.  you better have some more adorable nieces and nephews for me and then you can have one too! 

*just a small shout out to ginny my amazing sister with a quilting machine...contact me if you want info on her...she does a great job!  oh and to my mom for helping me figure out that crazy continuous binding again.   also to heather bailey for the tutorial on corners.  i couldn't have done it all myself without you guys!;D


Kristina P. said...

WHAT?!?! I thought you were a master quilter! It's so cute!

Marci said...

i'm a master beginner of quilts...it's finishing them that's the problem!;D

Anonymous said...

beautiful! i love the applique on it.

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