July 21, 2009

free smile...

garden full of plants $200.00
3 hen chickens $10.00
3 giggling, screaming little girls $1,000,000,000,000,000.00
me running around in big ole garden
plants in pink striped flannel pj pants
trying to catch 3 hen chickens
that have escaped their chicken condo
while 3 little girls scream and giggle. PRICELESS

for all of those who know and love me if this doesn't make you at least grin a little picturing me doing this you are officially dead. r.i.p ;D

July 9, 2009

the farmers market...

we traveled to the big city on the 4th and visited the farmers market at pioneer park.
i've wanted to go forever and i talked big d into it. i have to search out vendors for the show...right?;D fun, fun, fun. loved it. there were so many great vendors and lots of fun food stands. i bought fresh made cheese from this lady and it was so yummy! we tasted fresh cherries and jams. the little ones got their faces painted and got balloon animals and drove dad crazy runnin around. the people watching at the market is not to be beat. so many different characters!! caputo's deli and grocery is right across the street so of course we had to go there...i love that place! i got some fresh parmesan and 'made in utah' fresh italian sausages and fresh fettucine noodles. that sausage was soooo good. we wandered into the tin angel cafe
but big d took one look at the menu and politely said, 'we can eat here if you want to but i can't see one thing here i would eat'. they have very fun gourmet food and that is not my man's cup o' tea. i'll be visiting there later...so we ended up at squatters. which was fine with me...they make a mean cobb salad. i told big d this was how i could spend every saturday. he agreed maybe that was a possibility when the two little ones are grown and gone and we don't have to deal with tantrums and pedophiles (my words, not his). point taken. speakin of the devil here are the two little hooligans right here...

dang those are some cute kids...

so people of utah...go support the farmers market and give the locals your business.

and i found a couple of awesome little vendors for the big show. so see there was a legit reason to drag my guy to the farmers market!;D

July 6, 2009

little one...

well my little one is 3...
3yrs have passed since she was born. i didn't know about her 3 yrs ago...not until later on in the month. it makes it feel a little weird that she had her original birthday and i didn't even know about it. sometimes i feel like her real birth day is the day we got to bring her home. i thank god every single time i see her smile that she got to come home...to her home that he intended her to have.

my 3 favorite things about you, little mama...

* every expression you get on your face.
* your hugs and kisses, which you are so happy to give away.
* your sassiness...you are one tough little woman.

so, thank you heavenly father for the precious gift. we sure do love her and are so glad that she came along. she brings things to our family that no one else could have.

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