August 10, 2009

family reunion...

i had the pleasure, yes i said pleasure, of spending the entire weekend with my family. my sister ginny was there with her amazing brother alan spent a night and day with us...and my mom and lynn popped in for a little while. everyone was in and out but it was sooo good to see them and get to relax and enjoy being together. i have an awesome family and there really isn't a one of them that i'm not awfully fond of.

we got to stay in a quaint little house in midway...a creek running just outside the door...and just a few minutes away from the lake and the mountains. oh and LOTS of big spiders! eeek! we ate lots of good food and played games and just sat and b.s'd. good times. of course we also enjoyed the lake...

mady and ginny, the wind was blowing super hard...
my bro-in-law, jon, riding with sammy and maya...that was before he got tipped right off of there!:D
sammy, maya and peytie getting ready for a ride!

we also ventured to the mountains, where it was actually cold!!! yay!!!

smell that leaf?
(i know you can't actually smell it silly, use your imagination!)
that is what fall smells like and it was almost in the air up in the mountains. yum.
morgan and maya went 4-wheeling.
peytie waited very patiently and got to ride with ginny and lauren for a little bit. she and i rode in the truck behind the 4-wheelers, which i was more than happy to do. it was only 54 degrees outside! perfect when your in the truck, with the heater on and the windows rolled down. the best of both worlds!
i just missed a big fiance' hug between gretchen and griffin... can i get an awwww? little niece is engaged and getting married in two and 1/2 weeks! gretchen was freezing!

then there was the time in the house where aunt marci got to pester everyone with the camera...

sammy was nice enough to let maya play on her i-touch and peytie was right in there with her!
the attic where i got to sleep with my homies.
HA! that's what you get for not reading my blog morgana!
maya and peyton stayed up as late as they wanted and sang and read and danced around.
while me and sam read, peyton read too.
please sam...please...just one, come on! what a cutie, eh? my very very sweet little niece sam who both of my girls ADORE! seriously, we were going to take maya to the movies all by herself one day and she CRIED because she wanted to go to sammy's with peyton. peyton asks about her at least once a day. love this girl.

and then we returned to the lake...

mady and morgie...these two are great cousins!
possibly my favorite girl in the world, my niece lauren. she was in HEAVEN driving the boat! uncle dave just let her go and she did a pretty good job. of course now she thinks her dad needs to teach her to drive the truck.:D
big d worked hard trying to get these two off of the tube...they did a pretty dang good job hangin on!
the man and maya...i couldn't get him doing the back flip off the back of the tube...he's a wild man and a dang good dad and uncle.

i want to give a big shout out to my sister...she is an amazing mom, sister, aunt and wife and i am so lucky to have her. she took care of everyone up there and took care of getting us there in the first place. i appreciate her and her awesomeness. i love you big sister!


Kristina P. said...

That does look like a fun family weekend! Good for you guys.

Callie said...

It looks Awesome! I wish I could have been there!

Love you guys

Anonymous said...

You're pretty great too! We had a great time. Thanks for the boat rides! Ginny

haley said...

awww... it looks like you guys had fun. i'm kind of bummed that we couldn't make it due to another family vacation.

sammy said...

love you guys too :)--

Erin said...

Hey mars!! Thanks for the heads up about the pictures! You took some pretty good ones! Looked like an awesome time!
I look forward to hearing from ya'll!
Love ya!
Sister Winters

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