August 28, 2009

helluva week...

whine~stomach flu~whine, whine, whine~stiff neck~chiropractor~no sleep for days~whine~dance & tumbling same day same time~oldest girl stomach flu~her whine~3 yr old who won't stay in dance class without me~school shopping for two hours with a 3 & a 6 yr. old in target then realizing no debit card because big d didn't put it back~more stomach flu~whine, whine~big d stomach flu~whine, not mine~whine, mine~dentist appt for little and middle ones~missing first day of kindergarten for 6 yr old~sigh~run home to get ready for wedding lunch in big city~drive to big city

beautiful luncheon for an even more beautiful little niece who is radiantly in love with her sweet as can be new little husband who sang her a love song at the luncheon while playing the guitar and crying a little here and there~another sigh~sweet little niece, lauren, who is crying because her big sister who is on a mission can't be there to be a part of this big day~a few tears of my own~sitting at a table with 6 of my favorite ladies while they tease me with takeout boxes~a little blushing~going to a gorgeous setting for a reception for the happy couple and feeling so excited for them to start their amazing life together while chatting with family that i love~contentment

i love the way life always gives you a little peace at the end of a helluva week.

1 comment:

Mindy said...

Oh dear! I hope the stomach flu and whining gets all over with soon... your post made me laugh a little bit though... is that okay? :)

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