August 20, 2009


6 yrs ago a little miraculous bundle of joy came to live at our house. she was 9lbs 14 oz of pure heaven wrapped in a pink blanket. she and i fell in love at once. i spent her first night at home holding her, playing with her fingers and toes, singing christmas songs to her, and just being amazed that she was going to be my girl. my little one who grew in my heart and not my belly.

two days ago we celebrated my middle ones birthday. 6! oh my how the time flies by. she wanted to go eat at the place with the train where it's dark...spaghetti factory at trolley square. it's her most favorite place and spaghetti is her most favorite food. it's also the first time she's asked to take a friend a long and so we took her little friend kami from across the street.

the small one...she's a total ham.

maya and kami hanging out of the trolley...of course we HAD to eat on the trolley!

the dark place with the train...seriously that's how she describes it to me. love that kid. try figuring that one out after a year of not being there and having that conversation come right out of the blue sky. it took me a full 5 minutes to guess what she was talking about and she wouldn't give up the fact that we had eaten spaghetti there. turkey.

look at the pure joy that is on that face...they are singing the happy birthday song to her. those spaghetti singers have never made someone so happy.

and then it was off to the aquarium...where i got no decent pictures. i ehat my camera...actually it's not mine it's dave's and it sucks and that's a whole nother story.

but dang did those kids have fun. that's a pretty neat little place. they have a stingray pool where you can touch the stingrays and maya was having none of that touching those things. she just sat back and watched them really quietly while the rest of the kids there ran around like crazy people trying to touch those things. she's an interesting little girl, my maya. i've never met anyone quite like her...and she has stolen my heart.


Rachel H. said...

One thing I love about you is how MUCH you love others. You are the BEST mommy...and I look up to all you have done for and given your sweet little girls... :)

Virginia said...

and my heart as well. I will never forget the joy we felt when Maya Joy came to your family and ours! I love that sweet little thang with all my heart!

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