September 9, 2009

just a bunch of randomness...

i'm going to go a little hog worries, there will not be any nudity on this post. i KNOW you are all taking a deep breath right now.;D

speaking of nudity, mady is doing an internship at the hospital and guess what she saw today? that's right...saggy old naked man junk. ha.

want to see a cool video of the oldest one and her old man? good, cuz your gonna. please don't listen to the audio because there is this crazy old lady cackling in the background.

cool, huh?

we've had this boat sitting in the backyard for approximately 8 yrs...big d did some trade work back when he was an electrician and got a boat that had been rolled on the way to powell. so it's been worked on here and there and finally this year got the final stuff done to it. he loves boating, seriously loves it. so it's been fun to watch him...and by dang, it's enjoyable out on that boat. so here's a couple of fishing pictures for ya...

we caught a bunch this fun! cold, but fun.
this is what happens when you are on a boat for hours fishing...silliness. there are approximately 35 pictures of varying degrees of silliness. gotta love digital cameras.
is she just model gorgeous or what? click on it and you can see those amazing eyes.
these two...sigh. it's a beautiful love thing.
and here's my little home fried skillet. peace out.

so are you bored yet? tough. stick it out.

for the last week of time off we have been working on a path down the side of our house and it's almost will come in time i'm sure. we are steadily plugging away at the list that needs to be done by the 26th. you know, the's the day you are coming to my house, right? right?! you better be dangit. can i just tell you, between you and me, that i am more nervous than i have ever been. i'm serious, ever. ok maybe not as nervous as going to the farm chicks, or as nervous as the first day i drove the bus, or when i gave birth to mady, or adoption days...ok so maybe i'm not so much nervous as worried. people, i am begging you as my family and friends....please come and bring everyone you know. i've lost two months of sleep over this thing. i have a new mantra....if you have it they will come. ;D it's late, give me a break. by the way, if you know anyone who does fabulous jewelry and is not pregnant or doing another show will you please give them my number? i'm desperate for a fabulous jewelry person. i'm dreaming of jewelry people.

my mom brought me an amazing find today...i'll have to post pictures. it's really dark outside or i would go take some now. in fact i think this find deserves its own post. not some random weird post.

i saw john of 'john and kate' on some dateline thing tonight. what do you think of the guy? on one hand that kate seems a little bossy and maybe even a little bitchy...but is it ever right to cheat and doesn't he kind of seem like a weenie? i've never watched that show so i'm just going off of one interview with him and tons of tabloid reading at walmart.

i went to mesquite with the man last week...did you know it's hotter than hell down there? holy crap. we were sitting by the pool one night dangling our feet in the water and guess what? a frog hopped by. seriously a frog. i was so excited. like a big old frog just hoppin around. cool, huh?

k well as you can tell it's around 1am and i really need to go to bed so that i can dream of jewelry people and posters and banners and all things show related.:D thanks for listening to me ramble on...sometimes i just need someone to listen.;D


Mindy said...

Great post! Don't worry about the 26th... with you in charge, it just has to be good! My friend in Idaho makes gorgeous jewelry... I'll ask her if she wants to drive that far. :)

Kristina P. said...

Wait, what's going on on the 26th? I might want to be there!

don and jacki said...

did you have fun down south? i mean other than the excitement of the frog? and... yes, your girls are gorgeous! (but don't let mady see this). call me!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you've been having a bunch of random fun in the middle of all your preparations. It will be fabulous! BTW, email me with details. I'm still planning to come help with whatever you need.

Virginia said...

Love ya Mars! Let me know what I can do to help. Anything!

Tanya said...

You are so funny!!

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