September 11, 2009

oh my gosh...

i just went and checked 'the farm chicks' blog because it's what i do.
teri, the blonde farm chick, is quitting.
what the?!
you can't just quit being the second half of the farm chicks.
i feel sad and i don't quite know why.
why do i really care if she retires and enjoys her peaceful little life in spokane?
i don't know why but i really do. weird.

have i ever told you why i love the farm chicks so much? well good, i'll tell you now. i've taken country living magazine for many moons. one issue about 3-4 yrs ago there were these darling ladies who did a whole article on pies. they talked about being homemakers and being happy about being homemakers. mady and i made one of those pies one sunday. from start to finish. it was beautiful and yummy and i made it with my girl. i loved that article and then i went to their website and loved everything there. i loved what they stood for and their little motto. i wanted to have that motto for my own. so i stitched it up and it hangs in my bathroom. i also stitched one up for each of them and sent them on their way to washington. they probably thought i was a nutcase.;D little did they know. ha ha ha. here's the thing that hit me hard with these two ladies. they are true to their faith, they love being mothers and wives, they know how important it is to be a homemaker, and they voiced this in a national magazine. they started with something small because it was something they loved to do...junking. they appreciate things that are old and have a story, they truly appreciate it. anyone who knows me knows that i am the same way. the thing that hit me the most was the homemaker thing....i always fight with the feeling that if i'm not out making money then i am not truly contributing to my family. to see these two amazing women saying that it was okay to be a homemaker and nothing else made me somehow feel good about my decision to stay home and be just that. they also were small business owners who had taken their business and run with it...that gave me courage as a small business owner. then i went to their show in washington. i met teri and she was so excited to know that i had come there from utah for their show. she gave me a big old hug and got a little teared up and then i knew that my adoration had been placed in the right place. these two women are truly amazing. they are the real deal. and for some reason they just made me want to be better.

so, after putting that all down in words it makes more sense to me that i am sad about her decision...but i'm very happy for her that she gets to slow down and enjoy life.


Kristina P. said...

I am sorry for your loss, Marci. :)

The Kramer Angle said...

I totally understand! In fact when I read the blog post I did a search (which is how I found your blog!) on Teri quitting the farm chicks. It just doesn't make sense! It reminds me of Sue and Ki, the Junk girls. I wonder if something happened? She's just walking away? So strange. It just won't feel right without both of them.

Nicoleigh said...

When I read about Teri, my first reaction was 'WHAT?'. I too felt that the Farm Chicks just won't be the same. But, I realized that even though I too am bummed about her decision, I am happy for her...that she is following her heart. I look forward to seeing what is in store for the Farm Chicks, and wonder how this will inspire others to follow their hearts to their own seasons of change.

Kasey said...

i know.
I think something must have happened only because she did not mention once about her friendship with serena at all.

bri said...

absolutely, where you been all my life? ;)

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