October 30, 2009

observations from the bus...


as a bus driver we are somewhat invisible to the narcissist known as the teenager. we are also invisible to most coaches...possibly teenage narcissists who never outgrew that? there are the exceptions to the rule on both counts. these gives me an unique perspective on what goes on at the high school.

take for example yesterday. i watched two young kids, i'm thinking boyfriend/girlfriend, probably about 16-17 at a high school. they stood out in the parking lot in the freezing cold sluffing their last period hiding behind a teacher's car so they wouldn't get caught. why? so they could rub against each other? the funny thing is that me and one other bus driver were right there....did they think that we couldn't rat them out? another thing was this...the girl was beautiful...the boy? not so much. that is also a very common occurance. interesting.

sluffing was the downfall of my high school career...that and a certain boy who should remain nameless. he was my main dumb in high school. there were lots of other dumbs but he would be dumb #1. kids sluff constantly. it's like a revolving door at the high school. sometimes when i'm doing pe runs i am there every 40 minutes dropping off and picking up classes. i'll see the same kid 3-4 times in one day. i want to yell...STAY IN SCHOOL!....do you want to be a bus driver when you grow up?! of course they would look at me like i'm a crazy adult bus driver who doesn't understand their teen angst and that they NEED to get out of the stifling thing that is high school. those poor kids.

high school kids are zombies in the morning. i don't know what they did before they could put music in their ears. by the afternoon they are loud and obnoxious. lucky teachers that have them 1st period.

couples in high school are the funniest to watch. most of them are past the sticking the tongue down each others mouth phase that the jr high kids are in...we'll get to that at another time...high school kids are in the we're married and have to hug and kiss and tell each other how much we love each other between every class. oh and especially after school. they have to walk each other to the bus or car and make sure that everyone knows that they are together. it cracks me up. when was the last time that you took 3 minutes to hug, kiss, fondle and caress your husband before he left for work? i have 3 kids and most of the time my husband leaves for work at 5:30am. he's on his own.;D i do tell him i love him before he goes because i don't want him to ever forget that i do....there are lots of girls who like a man in uniform. especially a good looking one like big d. insecure, yes i know...that goes back to dumb #1.

then there are the kids once they are on the bus. i have been informed that only dorks ride the bus. there are a few exceptions to this rule. also even the dorks have some sort of hierarchy. and all lower income kids ride the bus, cool or not. my teenager is just kind of a spoiled brat surrounded by others of her kind...love you mad. where was i....oh yeah, hierarchy. it is and always has been the cool at the back and the not-so-cool at the front. don't get me wrong, i usually like the kids at the front much more than the kids at the back. they are nicer and quieter and more willing to help out a girl who's lost on a sub bus. here's the kicker though. sometimes the kids at the front of the bus don't care that they are the nerdier kids. case in point...a girl the other day, think gilda radner as Roseanne Roseannadanna on snl. she was a front seater. i felt bad for her. thought oh this poor girl...no-one probably ever pays attention to her or makes her feel good about herself. she probably has no self esteem at all. well then she starts singing, loudly and off key, a song i've never heard before. she may of even made it up herself. i immediately thought, oh honey stop!, the kids in the back are going to have you for dinner. but then i realized...she thinks she sounds good and she doesn't care about what the kids in the back think. she does have self-esteem, probably more than any of them. good for you. she sang until i let her off the bus and then she put a little dance to it and did it until she was in her house. woohoo for you nerd girl!

low income kids are the most polite kids i drive. whether it's high school or elementary school they are the nicest. rich kids are brats...for the most part. there is a certain area in our valley and the kids from there are aw.ful. but the kids who live on the west side of the valley or the farm kids from out west are by far the sweetest kids i drive. they are polite and tell me thank you and they are willing to help and they are not as mean to each other. that's a thinker for you.

well thanks for letting me ramble. i thought about this yesterday as i drove...

October 28, 2009

windy, windy, windy...

Hum dum dum ditty dum
Hum dum dum

Oh the wind is lashing lustily
And the trees are thrashing thrustily
And the leaves are rustling gustily
So it's rather safe to say
That it seems that it may turn out to be
It feels that it will undoubtedly
It looks like a rather blustery day, today
It sounds that it may turn out to be
Feels that it will undoubtedly
Looks like a rather blustery day today

~winnie the pooh and the blustery day

October 19, 2009

be still my heart...

sisterhood is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost.
~marion c. garrety

i was just looking for some pictures and ran into these on my computer...mady likes to take the little ones out and take pictures and oh how sweet are these? look at those chubby little fingers and how soft those two are....

October 16, 2009

free smile...

happy friday! here's somethin to make you smile...

you'll have to go down to the bottom and pause the music...so sorry.

October 14, 2009

a new favorite time....

on the school bus. picture this if you will...
early morning, all alone in the bus, battle of the 80's bands on 101.9, michael jackson singing 'i wanna rock with you'....me rockin out on the bus in the dark because no-one can see me and singin with mj at the top of my lungs. good times my friends, good times.

and it's a wrap...

i just posted the end of the pictures over there at the blog...whew.
one thing off of my to-do list. now it's time to start getting ready for next year.;P

October 10, 2009

more shtuff to look at...

oh you know the drill by now...
get on over there...

oh sometimes...

i feel like the world's worst mom. i took the little ones to art market in slc today. i thought it would be fun to go there and then head to gardner village for the witches...why would i think that?! why oh why? once upon a time there was a little girl named mady who spoiled me on children. i never realized how easy that child was to take places. with the two little hooligans it is cry and whine and fight, fight, fight. it's a dang good thing they are so cute.;D i tell myself each and every time we come home from an outing such as this that i won't do it again! i won't dangit! and then for some reason i convince myself it will be fun.
so here's where the worst mom part comes in....i yell. i yell a lot sometimes. i just lose it. seriously. i can't take it anymore and they'll be whining and crying and i just yell louder than them and sometimes it shocks em so much they stop. or they cry. and then i feel the bad mom syndrome set in.
so here's the deal. next time i think that it will be fun to take my two little ones anywhere by myself until they are at least 20 yrs older than they are now will you please stop me? maybe then i won't feel like leaving them on the side of the road.;P
thank you!

October 7, 2009

pw...in slc...

did anyone know that pioneer woman is coming to slc on her book tour on nov 4? if you did then why the hell didn't you tell me this important piece of information? and if you didn't then wanna go with me?

btw...my very good, talented and pretty friend mindy has a photo on pioneer woman!!!!! i know how cool is that...go check it out and leave her love.

October 5, 2009

the goods...

just posted some pictures of great goods over at the other blog...go and see!

October 2, 2009

booth pics...

head on over and visit the fff blog, i just posted a few pictures of the booths.

October 1, 2009

a new you might be a redneck joke...

my dear sweet husband gave up a part of his muzzleloader deer hunt last week to help me with the show. it's the only thing he truly loves to do, this hunting thing. so him and his little brother decided to pack up tuesday night and head off down south to hunt for a couple of days. they decided that they were going to take the middle one and my nephew down with them. off they go late tuesday afternoon. well we just got a major winter storm in the mountains of utah. they spent the night fighting a horrible blizzard in a tiny tent with two grown men and two small children. everything got wet. tree limbs were falling on the tent. not a good night for anyone.

here's where the new joke comes in. i think i'll just write a letter to mr. foxworthy and explain to him the siteation.

dear mr. foxworthy,
i have enjoyed your redneck jokes for years. i've always thanked my lucky stars that i lived west of the mason dixon line and had no rednecks in my family. well that changed this morning when my husband arrived home from a hunting trip with his brother. they had spent a horrible night on the mountain while hunting and decided to drive into a small town close by to stay for the night. not a bad thing. certainly civilized. that was until they decided to unhook the smoke detector and wrap it in a baggy so that they could barbecue hamburgers in the hotel room. oh yes they did. and it gets better. because they hadn't planned on staying in a hotel they didn't take any swim trunks for themselves or bathing suits for the children that were with them. who needs bathing suits, right? not rednecks. they just go in their underwear. throw a t-shirt on the little girl and it's all good. never you mind that there are women there. just keep the towel on until the last possible moment and climb right in. so there you have it. i can officially say that i do have rednecks in my family. in fact my handsome husband has a little redneck in him apparently.
well there you go. see what you can do with that material. just please keep my name out of it, ok?

keep doin what yer doin,

maybelle welcker

what do you think? do you think there is a redneck joke in there somewhere? ;D
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