October 1, 2009

a new you might be a redneck joke...

my dear sweet husband gave up a part of his muzzleloader deer hunt last week to help me with the show. it's the only thing he truly loves to do, this hunting thing. so him and his little brother decided to pack up tuesday night and head off down south to hunt for a couple of days. they decided that they were going to take the middle one and my nephew down with them. off they go late tuesday afternoon. well we just got a major winter storm in the mountains of utah. they spent the night fighting a horrible blizzard in a tiny tent with two grown men and two small children. everything got wet. tree limbs were falling on the tent. not a good night for anyone.

here's where the new joke comes in. i think i'll just write a letter to mr. foxworthy and explain to him the siteation.

dear mr. foxworthy,
i have enjoyed your redneck jokes for years. i've always thanked my lucky stars that i lived west of the mason dixon line and had no rednecks in my family. well that changed this morning when my husband arrived home from a hunting trip with his brother. they had spent a horrible night on the mountain while hunting and decided to drive into a small town close by to stay for the night. not a bad thing. certainly civilized. that was until they decided to unhook the smoke detector and wrap it in a baggy so that they could barbecue hamburgers in the hotel room. oh yes they did. and it gets better. because they hadn't planned on staying in a hotel they didn't take any swim trunks for themselves or bathing suits for the children that were with them. who needs bathing suits, right? not rednecks. they just go in their underwear. throw a t-shirt on the little girl and it's all good. never you mind that there are women there. just keep the towel on until the last possible moment and climb right in. so there you have it. i can officially say that i do have rednecks in my family. in fact my handsome husband has a little redneck in him apparently.
well there you go. see what you can do with that material. just please keep my name out of it, ok?

keep doin what yer doin,

maybelle welcker

what do you think? do you think there is a redneck joke in there somewhere? ;D


bri said...

i don't care what they say, that's funny right there! awesome!

girlsmama said...

I don't think we need Mr. Foxworthy, I'm already laughing.

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