October 10, 2009

oh sometimes...

i feel like the world's worst mom. i took the little ones to art market in slc today. i thought it would be fun to go there and then head to gardner village for the witches...why would i think that?! why oh why? once upon a time there was a little girl named mady who spoiled me on children. i never realized how easy that child was to take places. with the two little hooligans it is cry and whine and fight, fight, fight. it's a dang good thing they are so cute.;D i tell myself each and every time we come home from an outing such as this that i won't do it again! i won't dangit! and then for some reason i convince myself it will be fun.
so here's where the worst mom part comes in....i yell. i yell a lot sometimes. i just lose it. seriously. i can't take it anymore and they'll be whining and crying and i just yell louder than them and sometimes it shocks em so much they stop. or they cry. and then i feel the bad mom syndrome set in.
so here's the deal. next time i think that it will be fun to take my two little ones anywhere by myself until they are at least 20 yrs older than they are now will you please stop me? maybe then i won't feel like leaving them on the side of the road.;P
thank you!


Mindy said...

Maybe this will make you feel better... I yell at my kids too. The thing that makes it even worse, is that it doesn't shock them anymore.

don and jacki said...

ohhhh...i remember and remember too well! that's one thing that i wish i could take back. if i was a young mom again, i would make a vow to NEVER yell. it makes me sad, now, to remember those days. i just hope that my kids don't remember as well as i do.

girlsmama said...

You too huh? Well at least I'm not alone in my very loud pleadings with my children to just cooperate!

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