November 23, 2009

the blind side...

just got back from seeing the blind side...still crying. such a great, great, great story and the movie does the story justice. you HAVE to go see it....and if you don't like it AND shed some tears you are dead inside and i'm not sure we can be friends anymore. ;D;D
seriously have to go and see this movie, you won't regret it. i thought about my two little ones the whole movie and how darn lucky we are to have been blessed like we have been.
-k have to quit thinking and talking about it or my whole night will be spent in tears.


November 18, 2009


well yesterday i found myself in slc with only one i went to taipan. i cruised the aisles, looked at all there was to see. was just about to the end of my visit and then i saw this...
only it was in a cheap frame, poorly stitched, the buttons were ugly, and the fabric was bad.
i thought well holy s@#$, that's my picture. some little china man somewhere saw it either on line or in the country sampler and they've made it and are selling it at taipan. it has to be a copy of mine because it's an original design and they had used the same font, same star buttons. isn't that just the weirdest thing? it freaked me out!

i think they say that imitation is a form of flattery but i just think it's a little weird.;P

ooo and i got to go to pine needles and just shop as long as i wanted because it was peytie and she's my good shopper many fun, fun things. i got some great stuff to do for dickens! i'm so excited to start working on it!

November 14, 2009

it's's knowing...

that's what i heard this morning, way too early for a saturday, the little excited cries of a 3 yr old who was very excited to see the white stuff. she made sure she opened every door and let the sleeping person in bed know what was going on. if i was 3 i would do the same thing. i love the snow. love it. good thing i live in the state with the best snow on earth.
so a few minutes after she let us all know she came in to my room with a dress on and wanted me to help her put her jacket on. why? she was going to go watch daddy, who had just left. i heard the coat closet door open and close and i thought i better go check things out. this is what i found...

they are a little dark, sorry. i have to describe the clothing though. pajamas with a lovely spring dress over them with the buttons done up wrong, her snow boots, a jacket, a knit hat and gloves that aren't actually on her fingers.

i love this girl. she makes me smile.

happy first snow if you live where i do!!

November 3, 2009

you go girl...

i have to tell you this funny story...

there was a 13 yr. old walking home from school today. she was looking down and accidentally bumped into an older boy. she apologized and he started yelling at her. he eventually hit her in the arm and wound up to hit her is where the story gets good...ding dong didn't know that the little 70 lb girl he was picking on knows tai kwando (sp?!). he went to hit her and she took his hand twisted it around got him face up on the sidewalk...and per her instructors teaching...kicked him square in the groin with all her might. then she took off running. she looked around once and he was high tailing it in the opposite direction. after closer inspection by the police officer that was called he discovered that the kid had literally ran out of his was sitting in the middle of the road! HA...sucker got his, eh?

so WAY TO GO LITTLE WOMAN! that was the best story i've heard in a while and i had to share it with ya'll.

November 2, 2009

blind side....

bid d and i are big movie goers. i've decided it's because he can relax and not think about all the things he has to do (ocd). and i can relax because it's oh so quiet and dark with no children. (i greatly love my children but they drive me a little cuckoo sometimes.) so here's where this story is going...
when you go to the movies as much as we do, you see the same previews over and over and when they are promoting a big movie you can see those previews ALOT. well we've seen (is it seen or saw, i can never figure that one out.) the preview for 'blind side' ALOT. it's the new movie with sandra bullock, tim mcgraw and that big ole black boy that can play football. i always start out ok with that preview...i tell myself, it's ok, it's just a movie, don't cry. but it's not! it's a true story. anyways i get to the part where she shows him the bed...if you've seen the preview you know what i'm talking about. by that time i'm crying...big tears streaming, ugly crying. guess who else is crying? you guessed it...the tough guy. he's crying and laughing at us at the same time because we're always crying by this point. he told me he won't go see it with me because he'll probably cry like a baby. i love a man that can cry. especially when it's over something like that...he never did until maya came along. sometimes i would make him promise he would cry at my funeral, seriously. then along came the middle girl and now...sometimes it's for no good reason even. i love makes me love him even more.


if this doesn't cause frustration....a 3 yr old who will stand in front of the toilet and poop in her diaper....i hate diapers.
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