November 18, 2009


well yesterday i found myself in slc with only one i went to taipan. i cruised the aisles, looked at all there was to see. was just about to the end of my visit and then i saw this...
only it was in a cheap frame, poorly stitched, the buttons were ugly, and the fabric was bad.
i thought well holy s@#$, that's my picture. some little china man somewhere saw it either on line or in the country sampler and they've made it and are selling it at taipan. it has to be a copy of mine because it's an original design and they had used the same font, same star buttons. isn't that just the weirdest thing? it freaked me out!

i think they say that imitation is a form of flattery but i just think it's a little weird.;P

ooo and i got to go to pine needles and just shop as long as i wanted because it was peytie and she's my good shopper many fun, fun things. i got some great stuff to do for dickens! i'm so excited to start working on it!


girlsmama said...

Flattering, but weird. I agree. I heard a rumor that Tai Pan opened up at the University Mall in Orem in the old Deseret Book location. I haven't verified it yet, but it came from a good source.

bri said...

wow cool! i love that saying!

Felicia said...

I saw that the last time I went to TaiPan and I immediately thought of you.

I had no idea it was an original design, though. That's kind of crummy that it's been copied. Flattering I guess, but not fair.

Anonymous said...

Marci, that is weird! Too bad you don't have a copyright on it! MOM

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