December 28, 2009

and other gifts...

so my girl that's 18...she gives good gifts.
last year she gave me a cd case with cds she had made for me. compilations according to genre. they are my favorite cds ever. she did good.

this year she saved her change in her piggy bank and cashed it in and gave me a mp3 player. i've wanted one forever and she bought me a nice one! i love it when they get older.;D

the man...he does a good job too. some years. one year i got a shotgun and a bright yellow parka. he uses the shotgun and that bright yellow went back and traded places with a nice green one. sometimes he forgets that i'm not a bright yellow kinda girl. he had a bad year that year. in his defense though, he bought the shotgun hoping that i would want to go hunting with him. hasn't happened yet.

last year he did a wonderful thing. i brought home an old medicine cabinet during the summer that i had bought at a yard sale for $3. of course he asked me the question he always asks me when i bring something home like that...'what the hell are you going to do with that thing?' to which i gave my standard reply...'i'll figure out somewhere to put it and you'll love it when i'm done.' well it sat and sat and he showed nothing for contempt for it because it was taking up precious space in his shop. then christmas morning last year he came in from the shop with a beautiful jewelry case made out of that medicine cabinet. it's awesome and amazing and i love, love, love it. every morning when i get my jewelry out i smile because he does love it.;D

this year i got a special little gift....we have some cool old drawers that he made a bunch of different things out of and i got a sweet little cabinet. inside that cabinet were certificates that he made himself, cut into snowflakes with honey do's on them. one was for a back rub...always a winner! for an installation of a door i've been wanting to put in...and one was for a movie date with no phone, that's a problem with him. all great gifts and well thought out. bravo big d!

i hope that you all got everything you wanted
for christmas and maybe some things
that you didn't know you wanted but you
love just the same!;D

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