April 25, 2009


 mady went to prom tonight with her boyfriend, josh.  thought i would share a couple of pictures.  she let me help her get ready and she looked so pretty.  it was fun to do her hair and put on her make-up and get to be part of it!  

April 24, 2009

stretch marks...

girls...i wanted to share one of my new favorite blogs with ya'll.  this girl makes me laugh and laugh hard.  go check out today's post and make sure to go to the link about her aunt melba.

April 22, 2009


oh.my.gosh (think janice from friends)!!  we went to 'wicked' last night.  it was awesome!!  people if you ever get the chance to see that musical i beg you to go.  big d was even amazed by how great it was.  he ranted and raved the whole way home and it made him want to talk like the hamster in 'bolt'.  that's how excited he was about that play.  amazing.  really.  so there you are. we went to the melting pot to eat before the show.  cool experience,  the food wasn't the best i've had but it wasn't bad.  waaayyy too expensive.  my sister kept the two little ones and we got to take the oldest, thanks ginny!  hopefully it'll be a night she'll remember.:D

April 15, 2009


dear old man winter,
i think that your secretary must have forgotten to make your travel arrangements on time this year.  you see it's april here in the northern hemisphere and that means it is springtime in the rockies.  as you will see in the enclosed pictures, it is still snowing here.  i believe that the people in australia are expecting you there. some will even be very excited to see you!  now don't get me wrong, i have loved having you visit us.  the snow has been amazing this year and there's nothing better than a white christmas.  i even love the cold weather....but only until march.  so it's time for you to move on to your summertime stomping grounds.  i'll look forward to seeing you next november.
a utah girl ready for spring

Pictures by Mady

April 9, 2009

a little bird...

remember this song by bob marley?

rise up this mornin, 
smiled with the risin sun, three little birds
pitch by my doorstep 
singin sweet songs
of melodies pure and true, 
sayin, this is my message to you-ou-ou
don't worry bout  a thing,
cause every little thing,
gonna be alright...

yea i love bob marley and i love that song...so the other day when i came into my room and saw this little critter checkin out what was goin on inside the house it instantly came to mind. i know it's only one little bird and it's on the windowsill but pretty darn close, eh?

he just sat there and looked around like he knew exactly what he was doing....awesome!  it made me smile so i thought i would share a smile with you.  yea mahn have a good day and don' worry bout a ting.:D

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