September 30, 2009

merry autumn...

oh i love the autumn...
it makes me well up inside with feelings
i can't describe when i look at the mountain
behind my house covered with fall foliage
and can finally feel it in the air.
we got a storm today and it is finally here.
there is snow on the top of mt. timpanogos...
i love it!

cow's bum and more pleasant things....

well now that got your attention, didn't it?

my oldest has been wanting to drag me off to eat sushi for awhile now.
i told her i thought i would rather lick a cow's bum than eat raw fish. then i finally broke down and promised her that we would go and get raw fish after the show was over. well i really just told her that to get her to shut up about it but she remembered. it's not like the good ole days when she was little and i could just tell her things that she wouldn't remember in 5 minutes let alone 5 days. so tonight was the night. we headed out to the 'happy sumo' and got sushi. i made sure there was no raw eel or octopus and a couple of those rolls had ingredients that were not even english...imagine that in a japanese restaurant...i did recognize the words 'eel sauce' though and stayed clear of that. that should never be an ingredient...ever. well now here is the surprise. i thought i was going to have to eat just big chunks of raw fish like a whale or fat jokes please. all of that raw fish is rolled up with yummy ingredients in rice! all of them. put a little wasabi and some raw ginger on a california roll and that is just plain good. mads has always said that they are a little flavor bomb that goes off in your mouth and i totally agree. imagine it. she was right. it happens sometimes.;p

September 28, 2009

it's over...whew...

well the day came and went in a whirlwind of activity, friends, family, and awesome things to look at and buy. we all had a little bit of a breakdown yesterday but it's all good.;D i was glad when it was here and now i'm glad that it's over. we learned some things to do differently and were thrilled with how things turned out. we got lots of compliments...we're trying to not get big heads...hahaha. i got to visit with people i haven't seen in a long time and that was awesome. i got to visit with friends that live far away and i miss all the time. i got to smell baking bread and goodies for 3 days straight while my mom and oldest one baked their hearts out. all in all it was successful....but do you know why? because i have so many people who love me and support me. both family and friends. i am surrounded by good people. how lucky is that? plus i have big d who i owe a lot of back rubs and head scratches to. what an amazing man he is. so thank you everyone for everything. even if you just came, that meant more to me than you know. you all rock. and if you didn't come well then you missed one hell of a day! LOL

my friend, mindy, took lots of photos and i'll be posting them on the blog soon. i'll let you know.

oh and i'll be showing you something i've been working on soon....

September 24, 2009


house is mostly cleaned. cupboards delivered. cabinet completely painted...needs poly. hooks for shelves picked up....lots of other stuff just can't remember it all.;D

now on to decorating the yard. finishing porch. kitchen cleaned. shelves put much other stuff i can't name it all.;D

tomorrow it's set up day!

September 22, 2009


well it's almost here.
we'll start the countdown now...eek.
been painting, shelf making, painting some more, deciding on where to put booths, a little laundry, nursing hurt abby lab, a little more paint, and putting out banners today. finalized a few more vendors, added some to the blog, and got a little nervous. eek again.
~this is the day that you start planning on coming to the show with all of your friends~

tomorrow is day 3. more painting, hooks on shelves, buying spray paint, finishing cupboard project. mom is coming to start baking away for the cheer girl's bake sale...yum, my house will smell like fresh baked goodies. delivery of some cute cupboards from sweet lady in lehi who i really want to come and can't but she's sending some things my way anyway. we'll let you know tomorrow how it all goes.

September 21, 2009

my boy...

this is my boy, drake. he's been a part of my daily life for 14 yrs. 14 yrs is a long time in dog terms. we've been swimming together, he's peed on my leg to mark me as his, he's sat by me while i weeded, we've gone 4-wheeling and camping together many many times. the last year he's started slowing down. he lost his hearing and his sight wasn't what it used to be. he used to be able to hear dave's truck when it was at the top of the road and lately you had to stand right in front of him for him to know you were there. on friday night someone hit both of our dogs. we're not sure who because they didn't bother to stop. luckily abby, our other lab, is going to be ok. when we took drake to the vet today we found out he had kidney disease and the hip injury he got on friday was nothing compared to everything else that was going on with our old man. we had to make a tough decision but we've been preparing ourselves for it all weekend. lots of tears at our house. lots and lots of tears. so today he left us here to go to a better place. one where he can run and chase birds and feel like a pup again. i'm going to miss his brown eyes and having him laying in the drive way when i get home. i'm going to miss scratching his belly and having him with me in the garden....but i'm so glad that he gets to feel good again. i read a poem at the vet's office that said that someday when it's my time to go he'll be there and when he sees me he'll run through the field and be so happy to see me. i'll be happy to see him too. goodbye my boy, thank you for being such a good and loyal friend.

September 11, 2009

oh my gosh...

i just went and checked 'the farm chicks' blog because it's what i do.
teri, the blonde farm chick, is quitting.
what the?!
you can't just quit being the second half of the farm chicks.
i feel sad and i don't quite know why.
why do i really care if she retires and enjoys her peaceful little life in spokane?
i don't know why but i really do. weird.

have i ever told you why i love the farm chicks so much? well good, i'll tell you now. i've taken country living magazine for many moons. one issue about 3-4 yrs ago there were these darling ladies who did a whole article on pies. they talked about being homemakers and being happy about being homemakers. mady and i made one of those pies one sunday. from start to finish. it was beautiful and yummy and i made it with my girl. i loved that article and then i went to their website and loved everything there. i loved what they stood for and their little motto. i wanted to have that motto for my own. so i stitched it up and it hangs in my bathroom. i also stitched one up for each of them and sent them on their way to washington. they probably thought i was a nutcase.;D little did they know. ha ha ha. here's the thing that hit me hard with these two ladies. they are true to their faith, they love being mothers and wives, they know how important it is to be a homemaker, and they voiced this in a national magazine. they started with something small because it was something they loved to do...junking. they appreciate things that are old and have a story, they truly appreciate it. anyone who knows me knows that i am the same way. the thing that hit me the most was the homemaker thing....i always fight with the feeling that if i'm not out making money then i am not truly contributing to my family. to see these two amazing women saying that it was okay to be a homemaker and nothing else made me somehow feel good about my decision to stay home and be just that. they also were small business owners who had taken their business and run with it...that gave me courage as a small business owner. then i went to their show in washington. i met teri and she was so excited to know that i had come there from utah for their show. she gave me a big old hug and got a little teared up and then i knew that my adoration had been placed in the right place. these two women are truly amazing. they are the real deal. and for some reason they just made me want to be better.

so, after putting that all down in words it makes more sense to me that i am sad about her decision...but i'm very happy for her that she gets to slow down and enjoy life.

September 9, 2009

just a bunch of randomness...

i'm going to go a little hog worries, there will not be any nudity on this post. i KNOW you are all taking a deep breath right now.;D

speaking of nudity, mady is doing an internship at the hospital and guess what she saw today? that's right...saggy old naked man junk. ha.

want to see a cool video of the oldest one and her old man? good, cuz your gonna. please don't listen to the audio because there is this crazy old lady cackling in the background.

cool, huh?

we've had this boat sitting in the backyard for approximately 8 yrs...big d did some trade work back when he was an electrician and got a boat that had been rolled on the way to powell. so it's been worked on here and there and finally this year got the final stuff done to it. he loves boating, seriously loves it. so it's been fun to watch him...and by dang, it's enjoyable out on that boat. so here's a couple of fishing pictures for ya...

we caught a bunch this fun! cold, but fun.
this is what happens when you are on a boat for hours fishing...silliness. there are approximately 35 pictures of varying degrees of silliness. gotta love digital cameras.
is she just model gorgeous or what? click on it and you can see those amazing eyes.
these two...sigh. it's a beautiful love thing.
and here's my little home fried skillet. peace out.

so are you bored yet? tough. stick it out.

for the last week of time off we have been working on a path down the side of our house and it's almost will come in time i'm sure. we are steadily plugging away at the list that needs to be done by the 26th. you know, the's the day you are coming to my house, right? right?! you better be dangit. can i just tell you, between you and me, that i am more nervous than i have ever been. i'm serious, ever. ok maybe not as nervous as going to the farm chicks, or as nervous as the first day i drove the bus, or when i gave birth to mady, or adoption days...ok so maybe i'm not so much nervous as worried. people, i am begging you as my family and friends....please come and bring everyone you know. i've lost two months of sleep over this thing. i have a new mantra....if you have it they will come. ;D it's late, give me a break. by the way, if you know anyone who does fabulous jewelry and is not pregnant or doing another show will you please give them my number? i'm desperate for a fabulous jewelry person. i'm dreaming of jewelry people.

my mom brought me an amazing find today...i'll have to post pictures. it's really dark outside or i would go take some now. in fact i think this find deserves its own post. not some random weird post.

i saw john of 'john and kate' on some dateline thing tonight. what do you think of the guy? on one hand that kate seems a little bossy and maybe even a little bitchy...but is it ever right to cheat and doesn't he kind of seem like a weenie? i've never watched that show so i'm just going off of one interview with him and tons of tabloid reading at walmart.

i went to mesquite with the man last week...did you know it's hotter than hell down there? holy crap. we were sitting by the pool one night dangling our feet in the water and guess what? a frog hopped by. seriously a frog. i was so excited. like a big old frog just hoppin around. cool, huh?

k well as you can tell it's around 1am and i really need to go to bed so that i can dream of jewelry people and posters and banners and all things show related.:D thanks for listening to me ramble on...sometimes i just need someone to listen.;D

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