January 26, 2010

wanna be inspired?

go here and visit this lady...

her house is bee.utiful!

i totally stole this picture from her blog...
please don't sue me.  

January 25, 2010

gobble gobble...or something like that...

so here's the scoop.
i am officially going to go turkey hunting.
yup, i am going to try and kill a wild turkey 
in the mountains of southern utah
in about aprilish.
happy anniversary to me!
17 yrs ago if you would've told me i would even
think about doing this i would have laughed 
in your face.
true story.

that's what being married to a man that hunts
will do to you.
they want you to do it too.
i took hunter's safety a few years ago...
i can shoot a gun...
trouble is the only moving thing
i have ever shot is a clay pigeon.
this turkey hunting thing is a 
pretty big deal to the men
in my life.

i am the only one who drew a tag...
let me explain that to you.
you have to put in an application 
and then i guess they draw names out of
a big hat and if they draw 
your name then you're in.
it's not an easy thing to draw a tag
some years.
big d and his little brother
have gone a couple of times 
but neither one of them drew this
year.  only me.
that means there will be no-one to back me up.
i'm on my own, shooting a live turkey.
if i can't do it i will never live it
down.  ever.  
i  mean what if i look at that 
bird and think about his woman
wondering where he is 
and can't pull the trigger?
well for now i just won't think
about it.  i'll just be excited
to go spend the weekend with 
big d and his little brother
and his bride in southern utah.
i'll just think of it as a weekend away
in which i just may shoot a turkey.

January 23, 2010

weekend stuff...

k first i have to share this coolness with you...

these pictures were taken outside my house last night at about 11:30 with no flash!  that's how bright it was with the snow falling.  i think that's why they are so blurry, the snow was coming down hard.  all of that snow fell in about 2 hrs.  a.mazing.  it was so beautiful i had to take pictures and share them with you.


so this is the other thing i'm doing this weekend.  brace yourself.

i am delving into the disaster area that is my sewing room.  eeek.  check this out.

i have sooo much shtuff! 
 holy cow..i've collected a lot of 
crafting goodies over the 
last few years.

so now all of this has to go back 
into the sewing room. fun, fun.

luckily the man is making something awesome for me to put it all in.  i can't wait to show you when it's all done.  i love having a honey who is handy as well as handsome.;D

i did get this hung today.

and finally found my
 beautiful calendar that
 i won from sadie olive.

so as soon as i'm done 
organizing, beautifying, 
cleaning and dejunking 
that room i'll show you
what big d made me.
you'll be sooo jealous!;D


was a day from the place down below and i do not mean australia.
the middle girl was out.of.control.  for.two.hours.
the kids on the bus this afternoon were also from the place down below.
and i was fresh from dealing with two hours of wailing and gnashing of teeth.
not a good time to be dealing with other people's out of control children.
a few of them were actually satan's spawn i think.
 incidentally if you google that to try and get a picture to put on your blog there are some really scary  pictures!

towards the end of my last run of the day a very cute little boy said to me before exiting the bus...
'those boys at the back of the bus said you were the worst bus driver ever
but i think you're the best bus driver ever.'
that boy,  he was from heaven.

he summed my day up in that one little sentence...
and he made me smile, which i really needed.
thank you heavenly father for that sweet little boy.

January 20, 2010

i'm freezing...

it's so cold today!  i'm driving and the bus's heater is being
 all tempermental...the one day i get to drive a
newer bus and it's a dud.  damn the luck.

so i'll just have to take a lesson from
this little one and curl up in a cozy blanket.
hope you're warm wherever you are today!!

January 18, 2010

thank you...

Darkness cannot drive out darkness;
 only light can do that. 
Hate cannot drive out hate; 
only love can do that. 
Martin Luther King Jr.

January 17, 2010

wintertime on the farm...

you will be seeing a fair amount of poop in the following pictures.

abby...abby...abby...look at me girl...come on look at me...please...

hey there girl...abs just turned 11 last sunday.
she has had a hard year and it's showing in her eyes...poor girl.
thanks sweetie for letting me take your picture.

see these two...
they look harmless, right?
aww they're so pretty.
yeah, they are but they are LOUD and OBNOXIOUS!

here they look like they're going to eat some stuff off the ground...
oh look the geese are eating something...
oh no they aren't, they are getting ready to do this...

see that outstretched neck and beak all poked out there...
yeah, that has sent me screaming out of the field many a time with big d
laughing his head off.  those suckers are scary when they come after
you all hissing and chasin your  heels!

this bird is a dove...doves are nice and sweet and just
mind their own business.  i like birds like that.
they just coo and be nice.  i did have one land on me once
when i was feeding them...that freaked me out
a little but that was long ago when i was new to
farm girl life.  they don't scare me now.

oh what a cute pygmy goat.
his name is jack jack after the crazy little kid
on the incredibles.
he lives up to his name...he's the biggest bully
on the barnyard.  he's satan.  he takes on the horse
and the bucks with horns.
he has little man syndrome i think.
all i know is that you never want to get between him and some corn.

this is scout...he's the old man.
he's wondering right about now what the heck i'm doing.
he's one of our original deer and he's been around
the block.  he's been the ladies man.
this year he's showing his age though.
his horns didn't get so big this year and
he's been a little thin.  sometimes i hate living
on a farm because you get pretty attached
to these dang animals and then they
die.  the ugly truth of the farm.
see that little brown buck back by jack?
he'll be happy when scout is gone because
that means he has more of a chance at the ladies.

remember me talking about being married to a hunter?
well this is what happens to your yard when you are married to a hunter...
i have dead animal horns all over, tucked into every
possible corner.  we've talked about it and he's going to pick a spot and
put them all in one place.  hmmm...we'll see if that happens.

i love this grass...so i had to show you a picture of it in winter...
it's pretty all year long.  i went out into the garden today and
it made me really excited to get my hands in the dirt and smell the
goodness of some rich, brown dirt.  yum.

these are the turkeys.
funny thing is big d loves these stupid turkeys.
he's wanted them for a long time and
they just make him happy...except when they
die and then he gets more upset than you would
think he would be.
that tom will never pose for me, ever.
he's a snob.

and last but not least...wig wag.
yes that's his name.
not dignified enough for a horse if you ask me...
but i wasn't asked.
he belongs to the man.
he's a little ugly but that was what
big d wanted, an ugly horse.
what he lacks in beauty he makes up for
in personality.
he's one of the sweetest horses i've ever known.
as you can see, mud and white horses
do not mix well.   but that's what happens when you
live here.  you are always covered in mud and poop.
it can't be helped sometimes.

well i hope you enjoyed the tour.  you got to see it without the noise of the geese, being ran over by a goat, smelling poop or stepping in the mud.

January 16, 2010

my love...

no, not big d...we're talking about another love today.

dishes...big ones, small ones, white ones, pink ones, red ones, serving, dining...i love em all!

let me show you the new ones i got for christmas...thank you to my sweet mil!

the best thing is...you can find them here.  i know!  they are so soft and pretty and vintagey looking.  ahhh.  and such a good price that i took some christmas money and bought me 2 more sets.  i am now the proud owner of a service for 12.  i. know. again.  that's a heck uv a lotta dishes but there are enough for the future in-laws and in case i want to host a large dinner party..ha ha...
i'm ready to go!

they joined all of the other pretties here in my favorite cabinet ever.  
aren't they all so pretty nestled in there all nice and cozy?
and see those soup tureens up there on top.
they'll come in handy someday, i just know they will.;D

i started collecting a few hammered aluminum pieces a few years back
and they've come in handy...plus look how pretty they are...

this is just one of a lot..i get carried away sometimes and your
 not allowed to see inside that cupboard,
you might think i have a problem...which i most certainly do not.  geez. judge much?

so this is what they come in handy for, all these dishes.

so that i can set a beautiful table for these people...
and they are totally worth all of that collecting...

January 15, 2010

give-away goodness...

well i'm doing a little give-away over here...

and this is what i'm giving away...

so go on over there and enter away!!!

January 13, 2010


meet my kitchen chair...let's call her edna... just for fun.

edna belongs to a table  and has four ladies that share the job of being a chair with her.

here's the thing about edna.  poor thing.  she has this...

i'm sure that in the world of chairs it's like having a horrible deformity or something.

here's where the perspective part comes in...
i'll bet that once upon a time there was a nice lady
who owned my sweet pink table with a
sweet little set of green and chrome chairs.
she may have had kids or a husband who didn't
understand that vinyl doesn't hold up well to
an iron being set right on top of it.
if i would've been that lady who had a nice little
table set and one of my dumb a  awesome
family members had done that i would've wanted
to sit right down on the floor and cry...
real hard.
because she probably loved her little chair, edna.
she probably thought she was ruined for all time
and everytime she looked at that spot she felt
hatred really sad that iron imprint was there.

now enter me...
i dunno maybe 60ish years later.
when i look at that iron imprint i smile.
every time.
because i know that some poor little
housewife didn't have the perspective
that i get to have.  i get to look at that spot on edna
and be glad that it wasn't me.
and think about who it was.
and know that 60 or so years ago
a little fanny sat on that imperfect chair and did
homework, or talked to their mom while she made dinner.
i love that i get to just have sweet thoughts
about edna.  and wonder about just
how that imprint got there.

have i told you lately how much i love old things with history?
well, i do.

January 12, 2010

cassette tapes...

so big d and i have been dejunking the house.  what fun that is...
no it is really kind of fun to get rid of stuff.  it sure looks a lot better when it's done!

yesterday we dug into the cassette tapes...yes i still had them. 
 it's hard to get rid of them.  let me tell you why...
it's amazing how many memories those stupid tapes bring back!!

i had a pseudo echo tape in there that dave
 made me in the 7th grade...

u2...u2 brings back all kinds of memories...
the spring of my sophmore year,
 going to 'rattle and hum' during a horrible
 snow storm and being the only ones on the 
road and in the theater...

crystal gayle...my friend jody 
and i went to calgary, canada with my dad and
 it was the only tape we had the entire trip...
i know every song on that tape word for word...

real life and the smiths...my big brother sent those
 to me from california
 and no-one  here had ever even heard of them...
never mind that i hadn't either, i thought i was the coolest...
oh and he sent me a kroq sticker that was on my wall till after college.

lots of led zeppelin...too many memories...

don williams...driving to salina and back with my friend angie 
while we took my dad down there to pick up his truck...
again the only tape we had...good times, good times.

george strait, pat benatar, the police, beach boys, elvis....
all full of memories. the soundtrack of my youth.

so what songs and bands bring your memories flooding back?  

January 8, 2010

paper doll play...

wanna see something adorable?  i don't use that word lightly but this, this is adorable.

it's the paper doll play quilt by sandra workman aka pine mtn. designs aka
 owner of pine needles, my favorite quilt store.  she's amazingly talented!!
i kind of hero worship her a little.

i went into pine needles a few weeks ago and saw this quilt and thought, oh my.  that would be perfect in the little girls room.  actually i probably said it out loud to no-one in particular because i was excited about it.  or maybe i said it to peyton because she cares about stuff like that.;D

so the point, you say.  well the point is this...i buy patterns, a lot of patterns.  i have file folders full of patterns.  full.  but this one i'm telling myself is different.  you have to buy each block a block at a time...they come with all the fabric that you need to complete that block and the pattern.  so i figure if i do one block a month i should be done with it by the end of 2010.  so there, that is  my one of my quilting goals for the year...along with a few others that are in varying degrees of doneness.  by the end of this year i will show you a completed, even with a binding, quilt.  i will then proudly hang it on the little ones wall.  yay for me in advance!

this is the first block...i already have 1 & 2.

January 7, 2010

sassy little sneakers...

i had to share these with you...

aren't those some sassy little things?

(here's a shout out to my 3 sisters who helped dig up a
pair at the children's place! they were only $8!! score!)

and you know it takes someone super sassy herself to pull them off!!

January 6, 2010

white chili...

i made this last night for dinner and it was delish. if you own the dodge family cookbook then it is on page 57. it's my cousin, brooke's, recipe...

  • 2 lbs. chicken (can use two cans of costco chicken or 2 whole, already cooked chickens)
  • 2 med. onions, chopped
  • 1/4 tsp. cayenne pepper
  • 4 garlic cloves, minced
  • 1 1/2 tsp. oregano
  • olive oil to saute
  • 3 c grated jack cheese
  • 2 (4 oz.) cans mild green chilies
  • 6 c chicken broth or stock
  • 1 1/2 tsp. ground cumin
  • 2 cans northern beans (14-16 oz)
  • 1 can butter beans
  • 1 can navy beans
*i couldn't find butter beans at walmart so i just used two cans of navy

cook chicken and shred. i cooked a whole chicken in my crockpot all day with celery, onion, thyme, 2 bay leaves, oregano and salt and pepper so that i could make my own stock. saute onions and garlic in olive oil until soft. add chilies, cumin, pepper and oregano. add broth and beans, heat through. i actually brought mine to a boil and simmered it for 10 min. take off stove and add cheese, let melt. salt and pepper to taste. garnish with sour cream, red onion, avocado, and cilantro.

moi delicioso! it has the best flavor and was just perfect for a cold winters night when i have a cold!! it makes a ton of soup...i fed us, two of my friends, dave's uncle and two police officers and had some left over. so you could probably half it. i don't think it would freeze well beause of the beans.

January 5, 2010

::Learning Bucket:: Snow

well one of my new year's goals was to do a learning bucket every week with the girls. i saw the idea on a blog somewhere and now i can't remember where...anyways the bucket this week is about snow. i plan on preparing them on sunday nights but i've been sick, sick, sick and just barely got to it today. i thought i would share them with you and then if anyone else wants to do it you'll already have some ideas.

there are of course books in there...these are our picks of the week.

'A Very Special Snowflake' by Don Hoffman
'Let it Snow' a $1 book from Target
'Winter Days in the Big Woods' a Little House book based on the Laura Ingalls books
'The Biggest Snowman Ever' by Steven Kroll
'The Mitten' by Jan Brett
'Snowshoe Thompson' by Nancy Smiler Levinson
'The Missing Mitten Mystery' by Steven Kellog
'Welcome to the Ice House' by Jane Yolen
'The Biggest, Best Snowman Ever' by Margery Cuyler
'Frosty the Snowman' by Steve Nelson and Jack Rollins
'One Winters Day' by M. Christina Butler

I also have an old children's encyclopedia and
I'm going to start off by reading the snow section in that.

i had all of these but i'm sure in weeks to come we will be visiting the library for books.
i'm keeping it really simple this week because i don't feel well but there are tons of things online to do with snow.

i found this cute little poem on this site i copied off the poem and the sun and snowflakes and then let maya color the sun and we cut out 5 snowflakes. i then mounted them onto cardstock and glued popsicle sticks to the back of them. maya wrote the numbers on the snowflakes so that when we get to that number they can figure out which snowflake that is and hold it up. both of them can practice number recognition and maya got to practice writing the numbers.

i picked a few words that go with snow and maya can use those as sight words to learn. i just printed them on the computer and then glued them on some snowflake paper and put a magnet on the back so that they would magnetize to the bucket...which came from taipan trading. the words are snow, fall, wet, and white.

i also printed off two snowmen and figured that they could fill them in with cotton balls or something.

i am going to try and make snowglobes with them on saturday. they look super easy and i think both of them will have fun making them.

so there you go. if you decide to join me then let me know if you have any great ideas that i can use!!

January 1, 2010

settled in...

it started when i was in elementary school, i think.
my dreams of moving away from utah.
at first it was california. it was the magical land by the ocean.
i wanted to be a famous model or actress and live in malibu or beverly hills.
when i was 13 i went to help my older sister move home from seattle. then the california dreamin took a back seat to seattle.
in high school i dreamed of everywhere.
new york city where i would live in a very cool apartment right in the middle of everything. (think carrie from sex and the city.)
new england, where i would live in a small town that i could ride a bike around town and have a little family in a town where everyone knew each other. my husband and i would grow our own food and cook together and read books in bed. maybe i would own a little boutique of some sort.
the south, anywhere that was quaint and very southern. where ladies were ladies...again the small town where everyone knew each other and you could ride a little cruiser around town.
(think steel magnolias)
and for some reason, even though i never had the grades for it or even went to school much, i was always going to go away to some big university somewhere and be a child psychologist.
i was going to marry a man who was not from here and i was definately going to have some sort of career..

enter reality....i had a baby. after i had her i didn't want to work...at all. never saw that one coming. i married someone from the town i grew up in, who was also the first boy i ever kissed. he wouldn't move even 30 minutes from where we grew up. he's never read a book for the pleasure of it. he hunts. he's not a business man. we are definately not ever going to be wealthy.
i felt for a long time that i had settled.
i have dreamed about what my life could've been like had i followed my dreams when i was younger.

in the last year i have thought a lot about this. did i settle? did i get the life i wanted?
no...not even close.
the things that made me start to think differently happened last year. mady came home and told me that she didn't want to go out of state for school. she didn't want to be that far from home.
i know the parents of mady's friends, we went to school together. one of her friends whose parents are from out of state mentioned that she wished her parents knew people like i did. it was cool.
i started to notice certain things around me.
i know when the seasons are changing by the mountain that has looked over me my entire life.
the lady at the pharmacy has been there my since i can remember and she knows me.
i go to the same butcher that my parents went to...my dad bought many a t-bone from him.
i know every back road in this county...it helps greatly when driving the bus. my dad was a big 'take a drive guy' and it paid off.
every time i drive with someone they know someone i'm related to. either on my side or big d's. they love my mil and know the beautiful dodge girls...my mom's family.
people know me here. i always thought that was a bad thing but it turns out that my memories of myself are way worse than what others think.
most, anyways.;D
that's just the point i guess. my memories are here. my family is here for the most part. i have a place here.

do i still dream of living somewhere else? everyday. big d and i have even talked about moving to idaho after we drove through there on our way to spokane.
he might even live in eastern washington.
i still dream of the life that i may have had.
but i've learned that i love my life here too. i've fought it for so long but i've finally realized that's the truth.
so i guess what i'm trying to say is that i don't feel like i've settled, i feel like i've settled in to the life that i was supposed to have.
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