January 25, 2010

gobble gobble...or something like that...

so here's the scoop.
i am officially going to go turkey hunting.
yup, i am going to try and kill a wild turkey 
in the mountains of southern utah
in about aprilish.
happy anniversary to me!
17 yrs ago if you would've told me i would even
think about doing this i would have laughed 
in your face.
true story.

that's what being married to a man that hunts
will do to you.
they want you to do it too.
i took hunter's safety a few years ago...
i can shoot a gun...
trouble is the only moving thing
i have ever shot is a clay pigeon.
this turkey hunting thing is a 
pretty big deal to the men
in my life.

i am the only one who drew a tag...
let me explain that to you.
you have to put in an application 
and then i guess they draw names out of
a big hat and if they draw 
your name then you're in.
it's not an easy thing to draw a tag
some years.
big d and his little brother
have gone a couple of times 
but neither one of them drew this
year.  only me.
that means there will be no-one to back me up.
i'm on my own, shooting a live turkey.
if i can't do it i will never live it
down.  ever.  
i  mean what if i look at that 
bird and think about his woman
wondering where he is 
and can't pull the trigger?
well for now i just won't think
about it.  i'll just be excited
to go spend the weekend with 
big d and his little brother
and his bride in southern utah.
i'll just think of it as a weekend away
in which i just may shoot a turkey.


Kristina P. said...

You are crazy! In a good way!

don and jacki said...

Cheyene drew a tag, too. He's dang excited!

Tanya said...

This is awesome Marci!!! I love it!
Hey...I just sent you a rambling email :)

girlsmama said...

Sounds like fun. I'll warn the turkeys. :)

Mel said...

so after all these years, i still don't find the coolness in hunting...

where will you put your huge stuffed bird? chet & tiff have one hanging down in the hall & one on top of their kitchen cabinets.

kendyl told tiff, she'd get use to it when she was older or something...

happy anniversary to you...;)

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