January 5, 2010

::Learning Bucket:: Snow

well one of my new year's goals was to do a learning bucket every week with the girls. i saw the idea on a blog somewhere and now i can't remember where...anyways the bucket this week is about snow. i plan on preparing them on sunday nights but i've been sick, sick, sick and just barely got to it today. i thought i would share them with you and then if anyone else wants to do it you'll already have some ideas.

there are of course books in there...these are our picks of the week.

'A Very Special Snowflake' by Don Hoffman
'Let it Snow' a $1 book from Target
'Winter Days in the Big Woods' a Little House book based on the Laura Ingalls books
'The Biggest Snowman Ever' by Steven Kroll
'The Mitten' by Jan Brett
'Snowshoe Thompson' by Nancy Smiler Levinson
'The Missing Mitten Mystery' by Steven Kellog
'Welcome to the Ice House' by Jane Yolen
'The Biggest, Best Snowman Ever' by Margery Cuyler
'Frosty the Snowman' by Steve Nelson and Jack Rollins
'One Winters Day' by M. Christina Butler

I also have an old children's encyclopedia and
I'm going to start off by reading the snow section in that.

i had all of these but i'm sure in weeks to come we will be visiting the library for books.
i'm keeping it really simple this week because i don't feel well but there are tons of things online to do with snow.

i found this cute little poem on this site i copied off the poem and the sun and snowflakes and then let maya color the sun and we cut out 5 snowflakes. i then mounted them onto cardstock and glued popsicle sticks to the back of them. maya wrote the numbers on the snowflakes so that when we get to that number they can figure out which snowflake that is and hold it up. both of them can practice number recognition and maya got to practice writing the numbers.

i picked a few words that go with snow and maya can use those as sight words to learn. i just printed them on the computer and then glued them on some snowflake paper and put a magnet on the back so that they would magnetize to the bucket...which came from taipan trading. the words are snow, fall, wet, and white.

i also printed off two snowmen and figured that they could fill them in with cotton balls or something.

i am going to try and make snowglobes with them on saturday. they look super easy and i think both of them will have fun making them.

so there you go. if you decide to join me then let me know if you have any great ideas that i can use!!


Kristina P. said...

You are just too darn cute!

Mindy said...

Great idea! Your girls are going to love it! Our library in Idaho had boxes on different subjects full of books, movies, crafts, ideas, etc. You should see if your library has things already put together like that for those "sick" weeks. :)

Virginia said...

so much ambition, don't use it all up this month!

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