January 8, 2010

paper doll play...

wanna see something adorable?  i don't use that word lightly but this, this is adorable.

it's the paper doll play quilt by sandra workman aka pine mtn. designs aka
 owner of pine needles, my favorite quilt store.  she's amazingly talented!!
i kind of hero worship her a little.

i went into pine needles a few weeks ago and saw this quilt and thought, oh my.  that would be perfect in the little girls room.  actually i probably said it out loud to no-one in particular because i was excited about it.  or maybe i said it to peyton because she cares about stuff like that.;D

so the point, you say.  well the point is this...i buy patterns, a lot of patterns.  i have file folders full of patterns.  full.  but this one i'm telling myself is different.  you have to buy each block a block at a time...they come with all the fabric that you need to complete that block and the pattern.  so i figure if i do one block a month i should be done with it by the end of 2010.  so there, that is  my one of my quilting goals for the year...along with a few others that are in varying degrees of doneness.  by the end of this year i will show you a completed, even with a binding, quilt.  i will then proudly hang it on the little ones wall.  yay for me in advance!

this is the first block...i already have 1 & 2.


Nikki Winters said...

Wow! Marci you are so ?ambishious? (is that spelled right?) and talented. I tried quilting once.....Yeah, nothing ever came of it! It's really hard so Im so proud of you.

Anonymous said...

I love it! I remember playing with paper dolls. That quilt is darling and has such a nostalgic feel to it. Have fun! I too love pine needles (that is the one in gardner village isn't it?) I wish I got up there more often.

Rachel H. said...

oh Marci! SQUEALING with delight! looooooooove that! Seriously, LOVE that quilt! DANG the finances...and my lack of quilting knowledge...or I would be making this right along with you. This would be ADORABLE in a baby room...or little girl's room...gosh, SO DARN CUTE!

don and jacki said...

Darling!!! Did you get the coupon for Gardner Village? It has a coupon on it for "Pine Needles". One for 30% off and one for 35% off. I have it, if you want it. Hope you're feeling better! Love ya, Jack

Virginia said...

I want to do it with you! Don't forget to take me with you.

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