January 13, 2010


meet my kitchen chair...let's call her edna... just for fun.

edna belongs to a table  and has four ladies that share the job of being a chair with her.

here's the thing about edna.  poor thing.  she has this...

i'm sure that in the world of chairs it's like having a horrible deformity or something.

here's where the perspective part comes in...
i'll bet that once upon a time there was a nice lady
who owned my sweet pink table with a
sweet little set of green and chrome chairs.
she may have had kids or a husband who didn't
understand that vinyl doesn't hold up well to
an iron being set right on top of it.
if i would've been that lady who had a nice little
table set and one of my dumb a  awesome
family members had done that i would've wanted
to sit right down on the floor and cry...
real hard.
because she probably loved her little chair, edna.
she probably thought she was ruined for all time
and everytime she looked at that spot she felt
hatred really sad that iron imprint was there.

now enter me...
i dunno maybe 60ish years later.
when i look at that iron imprint i smile.
every time.
because i know that some poor little
housewife didn't have the perspective
that i get to have.  i get to look at that spot on edna
and be glad that it wasn't me.
and think about who it was.
and know that 60 or so years ago
a little fanny sat on that imperfect chair and did
homework, or talked to their mom while she made dinner.
i love that i get to just have sweet thoughts
about edna.  and wonder about just
how that imprint got there.

have i told you lately how much i love old things with history?
well, i do.


Mindy said...

I feel the exact same way about old things! I also love your chairs, but you knew that. :)

don and jacki said...

only YOU marc! love ya man!

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