January 23, 2010


was a day from the place down below and i do not mean australia.
the middle girl was out.of.control.  for.two.hours.
the kids on the bus this afternoon were also from the place down below.
and i was fresh from dealing with two hours of wailing and gnashing of teeth.
not a good time to be dealing with other people's out of control children.
a few of them were actually satan's spawn i think.
 incidentally if you google that to try and get a picture to put on your blog there are some really scary  pictures!

towards the end of my last run of the day a very cute little boy said to me before exiting the bus...
'those boys at the back of the bus said you were the worst bus driver ever
but i think you're the best bus driver ever.'
that boy,  he was from heaven.

he summed my day up in that one little sentence...
and he made me smile, which i really needed.
thank you heavenly father for that sweet little boy.


bri said...

what a sweetheart. i believe He answers our prayers and calms our spirit through other people a lot of the time.

Mindy said...

I'm so sorry you had one of those days... but so glad you got one little angel to bring a smile to your face! :)

Oh, and those boys are 15 and 12... still want me to reserve one for Mady? My daughter is in love with the older one, so I might have to keep him for her... ;)

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