January 17, 2010

wintertime on the farm...

you will be seeing a fair amount of poop in the following pictures.

abby...abby...abby...look at me girl...come on look at me...please...

hey there girl...abs just turned 11 last sunday.
she has had a hard year and it's showing in her eyes...poor girl.
thanks sweetie for letting me take your picture.

see these two...
they look harmless, right?
aww they're so pretty.
yeah, they are but they are LOUD and OBNOXIOUS!

here they look like they're going to eat some stuff off the ground...
oh look the geese are eating something...
oh no they aren't, they are getting ready to do this...

see that outstretched neck and beak all poked out there...
yeah, that has sent me screaming out of the field many a time with big d
laughing his head off.  those suckers are scary when they come after
you all hissing and chasin your  heels!

this bird is a dove...doves are nice and sweet and just
mind their own business.  i like birds like that.
they just coo and be nice.  i did have one land on me once
when i was feeding them...that freaked me out
a little but that was long ago when i was new to
farm girl life.  they don't scare me now.

oh what a cute pygmy goat.
his name is jack jack after the crazy little kid
on the incredibles.
he lives up to his name...he's the biggest bully
on the barnyard.  he's satan.  he takes on the horse
and the bucks with horns.
he has little man syndrome i think.
all i know is that you never want to get between him and some corn.

this is scout...he's the old man.
he's wondering right about now what the heck i'm doing.
he's one of our original deer and he's been around
the block.  he's been the ladies man.
this year he's showing his age though.
his horns didn't get so big this year and
he's been a little thin.  sometimes i hate living
on a farm because you get pretty attached
to these dang animals and then they
die.  the ugly truth of the farm.
see that little brown buck back by jack?
he'll be happy when scout is gone because
that means he has more of a chance at the ladies.

remember me talking about being married to a hunter?
well this is what happens to your yard when you are married to a hunter...
i have dead animal horns all over, tucked into every
possible corner.  we've talked about it and he's going to pick a spot and
put them all in one place.  hmmm...we'll see if that happens.

i love this grass...so i had to show you a picture of it in winter...
it's pretty all year long.  i went out into the garden today and
it made me really excited to get my hands in the dirt and smell the
goodness of some rich, brown dirt.  yum.

these are the turkeys.
funny thing is big d loves these stupid turkeys.
he's wanted them for a long time and
they just make him happy...except when they
die and then he gets more upset than you would
think he would be.
that tom will never pose for me, ever.
he's a snob.

and last but not least...wig wag.
yes that's his name.
not dignified enough for a horse if you ask me...
but i wasn't asked.
he belongs to the man.
he's a little ugly but that was what
big d wanted, an ugly horse.
what he lacks in beauty he makes up for
in personality.
he's one of the sweetest horses i've ever known.
as you can see, mud and white horses
do not mix well.   but that's what happens when you
live here.  you are always covered in mud and poop.
it can't be helped sometimes.

well i hope you enjoyed the tour.  you got to see it without the noise of the geese, being ran over by a goat, smelling poop or stepping in the mud.


Susie from Bienvenue said...

Thanks for this fun day on the farm. would love to see it in person! Your home rocks!!

bri said...

Seriously fantastic photos.

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