February 7, 2010

my lovely little space...

after more of this than should be consumed
i am finally done!

here are the amazing cabinets that the big guy made for me...

there are two sets and they are chuck full of all the crafting goodies you would need!

there isn't a whole lot of wall space that isn't taken up with things that inspire me.

i've been waiting for somewhere to put my postcards from star mill...
one of my most inspiring places to visit!
the owner is a sweet man who loves junk!!
and he'll entertain my kids while i look around.;D
incidentally if you google star mill, american fork utah
there are tons of awesome pictures taken there.

i love matthew mead, he's been a contributor in
 country home magazine and is now involved
 with a new magazine, flea market style, that will be 
out this month...i am so excited!!
he inspires me, he is so clever and he loves
all things pretty.

this is the one spot in the house that i could be as girly as i want
so i put as many sparkly and pretty things that i could!

the little fairy that overlooks my cutting table...
she was a special little surprise from this sweet lady.

and this lady, the gypsy rebel of etsy...well... she just makes me smile!

another little sweet angel from auntie em.

and of course there is lots of junk!
all the junk that gets brought home with us
has to work for its place so i made sure that
whatever came into the room was used wisely.

lunchbox full of ribbon

right down to the light fixtures!  
it's so nice to have an ex electrician
in the house..he can turn just about anything
into lighting!!

old green breadbox full of raffia

my lovely shopping cart from the farm chicks show
is the perfect place for bolts of fabric.

remember those red bouncy balls that you 
played with in elementary school?
this basket used to hold those.
now it holds quilt kits and quilts
that need binding...on my to do list!

yes that vintage suitcase is the perfect shade of pink...
the di gods were with me on this day!

nothing that wasn't pretty wasn't invited in to my little space...
and everything has it's place...such a beautiful thing.
one of the things that make my hubby most happy.:D

i love these boxes by sandi henderson 
 they are so pretty and bright!

this baker's twine is available here...

well there you go, a tour of the craft room.  my little husband has worked so 
hard to make it happen for me and i owe him big time!
also my children, my poor children, have sacrificed 
good dinners for more than a few days.  
but it's done and i love, love, love it!

thank you big d!!!


Rachel H. said...

Marci. Your little space is A-MAZING! Seriously. It was amazing before...totally stole my heart...and it's hard to imagine it getting better...but it somehow did! LOVE it. And oh how it must make you smile every time you see it!

Mindy said...

Hyperventilating a little bit here... those drawers. THOSE DRAWERS!! I love those cabinets. LOVE THEM! I can hardly stand it. Good job, Big D and Marci... I can't wait to see it in real life.

Kristina P. said...

Are you kidding?!? This is amazing! What a great workspace.

Tanya said...

Wow! I want to come and see it in person, and I can cause I live so close! I am so jealous, I must admit!!! I love it! Your blog looks awesome!!!

V and Co. said...

oh my gosh i LOVE IT ALL!!!! can i have your husband?
i mean not like that but to do some of that great building for me!!!! i'll feed him.
you guys can come down here any time you want! ;)

Charma said...

It looks great! It reminds me of a cute country craft store. I'm jealous.

Lisa B. said...

Wow, so pretty and fun!! I just LOVE the cabinet with all the drawers!!

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