February 23, 2010

so i have to tell you...

i found the little girls biological sister on facebook...
i hate facebook usually but this is the good part of it, i guess.
i've been scoping her out for a few months.
i know, it's a little creepy.  that's why i hate facebook.
that and it's one more thing that i can't keep
up with!  

so anyways, i stalked her for a little while 
and i decided the other night that i was going 
to message her....and i did.
we have been messaging back and forth for
the last three days and she is an 
awesome, amazing girl.  well lady, she's 19.

it was so scary to do it because i 
feel like i've just breached some sort of 
invisible wall that maybe wasn't
meant to be breached but i have
to have faith that it was what i was supposed
to do and that's why i got the
feeling that the time was right.

she needed me to.
i found that out tonight in the message
she sent me.
i listened to the still small voice and
it said it was time and i'll
be danged if that wasn't the truth.

that is twice in the last month that
voice has given me some 
pretty sound advice and when 
i've listened people around me
have been blessed in some way
or another.  that's a pretty cool
thing if you ask me.

i just wanted to tell someone
so thanks for letting it be you!


Mindy said...

Marci, that's awesome! Way to listen... and I'm glad that facebook could be useful for something! ;)

bri said...

can we go to lunch already? i'm dying to hear your story.

i love it when life happens because we really listen. thanks for sharing.

Kristina P. said...

This is great, Marci.

girlsmama said...

I'm so glad you were able to do that! I hope it goes as you hope!

Rachel H. said...

That is so dang amazing...I am glad you had that experience...and I hope it has lasting and positive effects. I have a feeling it will! :)

Tanya said...

That is amazing! That was probably really scarey to do...but way to be brave! So cool!

Mel said...

ok, so i wanted to call you and hear the whole story, but i will wait for next saturday - so be prepared to tell every detail. you are amazing!

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