February 28, 2010


 All through the 
long winter, 
I dream of my garden.
 On the first day of spring,
 I dig my fingers deep
 into the soft earth.
 I can feel its energy,
 and my spirits soar. 
       ~Helen Hayes~             

I actually got to work in my yard
the last couple of days.  It was 
the perfect weather to rake away
the dead and make way for the new
green that is making it's way 
out of the earth.
When I first get to go out and
work in my garden in the spring
it always makes me feel more 
alive than I have in months.
The hellebore are getting ready to
send up their flowers and the 
bulbs have started sending up new
shoots.  The trees are starting to
grow their buds and the lilac
buds are all fat and swollen.
My roses bushes are getting that 
first little flush of red where
the new stems are going to
grow.  I love it!
We also have robins all over
the place and they are so
fun to watch bounce around the 
yard.  My girls have been able 
to go outside and run and scream
and play.  They are like little
bundles of energy!

I've also been trying to bring a little
of it indoors so that we can feel
it inside even when the cold March
winds hit us.  I made that little wreath
up there out of lemon drops.
I saw a really cute one that
Matthew Mead had made for Country Home
a few years ago but he used  these
cute lemon balls.  I looked high and 
low and all I could find were drops,
so drops it was!  I spray painted a 
foam wreath yellow and hot 
glued those puppies all over.  
It turned out pretty dang cute
and it's all sorts of happy.
I needed some bright and happy!
So Happy Spring to you!
May you get to dig in the dirt soon...
I'll be doing it every chance I get.


Mindy said...

Shut UP! We still have snow all over the ground. :(

I love the wreath... it's adorable and I want to lick it! ;)

Kristina P. said...

The weather here has been amazing! I love it!

don and jacki said...

you are too ambitious for me. maybe it's just because i'm getting older. can't wait to see your wreath. sounds so cute!
love ya, sis, jacki

bri said...

ummmm adorable. my kids would pick them off and eat them glue and all. just sayin. btw, did you check your schedule? if this week doesn't work for lunch, well then we have to at least meet somewhere for like two seconds. there is something i am dying to give you!

Marci said...

mind...you would get a whole big mouthful of shellac! it does look yummy though and i have some left but you would have to come out to get them.;D

jack--love you too! we'll see you on saturday!

Tanya said...

way cute marci! i love it!
oh and about your previous post....yum is right!

Gretchen said...

omg i saw this project on a blog and wanted to try it. i love that you did lemon drops! cute!

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