March 8, 2010


i LOVE cookbooks.
seriously love them.
i can read them just like 
i would read any novel.
and i have some pretty 
cool ones.  ones that i
use often by authors that
i would spend a day in the
kitchen with anyday
of the week if they'd let me!
 i have a new favorite.
i've put off buying this...

i've been on a hiatus from
reading her blog because
i get jealous and don't 
think it's fair that one
woman gets to lead such a 
charmed life...i know...
how petty can a person
be? unfortunately i can
be pretty dang petty at 
times. :p  i'm not proud 
of it but it's true.
so anyway back to the
story.  my little nephew is
getting married and 
there was a shower for his 
bride this past saturday
and it was a recipe shower.
i do love her recipes.
and my nephew and his
bride are kind of 
cowboyish so i thought
it would be perfect.
and since i was buying 
one for them i thought 
i might as well throw one
in the basket for me.
free shipping on amazon
if you buy over $25 so it
was practically free, right?
it came saturday and it 
is my favorite cookbook
of all time.  there are 
amazing photos, and
 the stories, that woman
has a way with words.  so i 
guess the hiatus is over...
and i will be cooking
all of the recipes in the book.
they all look so yummy.
i highly recommend adding
it to your cookbook 
collection...that is if you
love amazing photos
and funny stories to go 
along with yummy
 recipes that are 
and that will please even the 
pickiest of men and children.
damn that woman...
she's just hard to hate.


Kristina P. said...

I love reading cookbooks too. I need that book.

girlsmama said...

It is one of my all time favorites! Her potato skins are fabulous. I made her chili over the weekend (with tomatoes and beans) for a ward party and it was the first pot gone, even if it didn't win the contest.

Mindy said...

I need to get that cookbook! And I totally know what you mean. I get a little mad that PW is living the life I desperately want, but I guess we'll both have to just get over it and love her anyway, right? ;)

Tanya said...

Marci...your blog looks great!
I, too, love cookbooks. I have a lot of them!

tinypaperheart said...

will definitely check it out! thanks! :)

Mel said...

I L.O.V.E. cookbooks too... (almost as much as I love cooking). Since you mentioned you were buying one for Sarah, I've gone to her (the one you love to hate) website. Why did I not know about her. I have now began stocking since Monday. (not normal). I may have to pack your gift away in my car ~ what will the wrapping look like?

Mel said...

By the way, if I make this:

do you think we could have a girls lunch sometime soon?

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