March 27, 2010

matzah ball...

i was watching this episode of seinfeld last night and it reminded me of something...

the first time i told big d i loved him.  it was one of the most embarrassing moments of my life, really.
dave is one of those guys who doesn't like to say things that he doesn't know with a surety that he means.  so here is the conversation...picture us in his truck, sitting in front of his house.  it's thanksgiving and i've just spent it with his whole family.  we've been dating for a few months and i thought we were getting kind of serious.  keep in mind that we've also known each other for about 10 yrs. and have a history together and i'm a single mom who doesn't date just for fun anymore.
i'm trying to just make myself look a little less pathetic...

me: so, um i need to tell you something.

him: ok

me:  um i think i'm in love with you.

him: wow, that's really nice of you to say that.

me to myself:  holy shit, what did i just do?!
me to him:  um, yeah. so ok.

him:  i'm sorry, i'm just not quite there yet.

me:  oh, whatever.  not a big deal.
me to myself:  we. have. to. get. out. of. here. now. before i cry.

true story my friends.  i had never put that out there and not had a return.  ever.  and now with the guy i really meant it with....matzah ball.  eeek.

luckily the boy came to his senses.;D  we'll be celebrating 17 yrs this week and i just thought i'd share a few memories in the next couple of days.

have a good day!


Mindy said...

I did the same thing to Brandon... he said he loved me and I didn't say it back. I'm so glad it worked out so well in the end for both of us. ;)

bri said...

I wouldn't let Brady say finally one day he couldn't take it anymore so he blurted out dammit Briana I love you! True story. This year will b 16 for us! Congrats! That's something to be proud of!

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