March 18, 2010

'nice' day...

yesterday was a day full of nice things...

i woke up to a very handsome man standing over my bed with  a
bag full of green donuts and a note that said this...
'thanks for being my beautiful pots of gold at the
end of my daily rainbow.'  love, dad
that's a good way to start a day.

about the middle part of the day this happened...
i have a friend that i met blog hopping one day.
i stole a quote from her blog and wrote a little about her.
then she was blog hopping and found the post that i
 had written about her.  we've been
commenting and emailing ever since.
well we were supposed to meet for lunch
a week or so ago and something came up and
we weren't able to meet.  when i talked to her that
day on the phone she told me that she had
a present for me and was so excited to give it to me.
she had read this post of mine.
she called every 'barnes and noble' until she found
it and talked them into holding one for her and she
bought it for me!  can you believe that?!  is that just the
nicest thing to do or what?  floored me.  i am so excited!!
thank you so much miss bri.

and then the big guy came home later in the afternoon
and told me the same guy who gave him the box truck (curses)
had just given him a 1994 ford tempo.  i was a little scared
about that at first but he took me and showed it to me and it's
really a nice little car.  it runs great and is pretty clean for
how old it is.  it will be perfect for mads until she can get her
other car up and running again.

can you believe the niceness?
i feel loved.


Mindy said...

You deserve every bit of it... and more! :)

Rachel H. said...

such a nice day for sure! Like Mindy said, you deserve EVERY little bit PLUS some!

Can I confess something? I still have that jam you gave us at the last Apron Girls thingy...can't open it...because it makes me think of you every time I open my fridge. And I love to think about you...

I am sure it tastes absolutely delish...and I should probably eat it soon...but I am just holding onto those memories for a little longer. Just hope you know that you are so people near and far...very far even. :)

bri said...

Don't believe everything u read! ;) lunch?

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