March 12, 2010

snow, at last...

no, not the white stuff silly.
snow college, home of the mighty badgers!

the oldest has been back and forth between here and dixie.  
after much deliberation and much pleading from her mom
she's decided to stay a little closer to home.  
whew...wiping sweat from my brow.
no, i would have been excited for her wherever
 she went but i think that snow is a good place to start off.
  they have a great cheer coach it sounds 
like and it's a little smaller and she's closer to her momma.
  ha ha ha. like that has anything to do with it.;D
so we're off to ephraim today to tour campus, talk about
scholarships and look at housing.  woo hoo.

have a beautiful day!

**we found a great apartment and that little school is a winner!  small class sizes, great professors, everyone is so friendly, and we saw lots of cute guys.  that's really all she was worried about i'm sure.;D

i'm sooo excited for her!!


bri said...

how exciting! my dad went to snow i think! :)

Mel said...

A True Badger! How exciting. Have fun a'lookin around the campus. Enjoy some lunch @ Fat Jacks.

Anonymous said...

Go Badgers!!! I went to Snow. One of my young women will be starting there next year. My sister will also be returning next year. I absolutely loved my time there!!!

Mindy said...

That seriously sounds like so much fun! I'm so excited for Mady!

girlsmama said...

Ephraim is way closer than Dixie! It's like "Hey, I'm coming down for lunch today!" close. I like that too. Good for Mady! Hope you had a fun day!

Tanya said...

For real? This is different from when I talked to her a few days ago! Me and Kelly went to Snow...she will love it, and I will take road trips with you anytime to visit her ;) That's awesome!!

Tanya said...

okay so yes we are "true badgers" but I am having a feeling that it meant something different back then than it does now!!! It was innocent!

The Mad-Hatter said...

and look how that 'good' cheer coach turned out to be....nearly ruined my entire first year of college. for sure ruined a good portion of my first semester! i've got a good word for her...but i won't say it (: crazy that was a year ago!!

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