April 7, 2010


i am part of a give-away over here this week.
go on over and enter!

i also thought that i might do a little give-away here to add to that.
i'm just going to stick some goodies in a box and send them your
way if you win.

this is what you have to do...
if you aren't a follower of mine, 
go over to the side thing there and sign up.
then comment and let me know.
if you aren't signed up for the newsletter 
on my website go over and do that,
another comment please. 
if you don't follow fallow field 
head on over there and become a follower,
another comment.
if you are already following or signed
up for the newsletter then just comment anyway
and let me know mkay?
easy peasy lemon squeezy.

i'll draw a winner sunday night.  
and i promise it will be a box of good stuff.

good luck and enjoy your day!

**i extended until sunday night because i forgot this weekend
is spring break and i'll give a little more time in case
people are out of town.  also make sure that you leave comments
here as well as over at dandy give-aways...they are two different 
drawings...two chances to win!**


V and Co. said...

oh my gosh i love that alma scripture! that's my favorite scripture in the whole book! ;)

Noelle said...

Isn't it funny that when I went to follow this I saw a picture of one of my best friends...who already follows???

Love your guts lady!

Noelle said...

Ummm...I couldn't see where to comment on your newsletter so consider this my comment. :)

I have a question. Say I have a pattern, and fabric for a pillow I want to make, but no talent to actually make the pillow. Think I could pay you to make it for me?

Tanya said...

yup..i'm on it all! whoot! ps...i want a box of goodies...that would be awesome!

haley said...

pick me... pick me!!!

bri said...

dang i missed out. still have your magazine. sending it this week. i just need a card. LAME.

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