April 14, 2010


this birdhouse is one of the beacon's 
of spring at our house.  
it sits right outside my kitchen
the starlings have built
a nest in this birdhouse since
uncle rob gave it to me about
16 yrs ago.
it has mounds of poop and 
nesting material almost to the top.
i know ick, right?
every year the little starling momma's
take care of those little babies
and they are good little momma's.
dave hates them and threatens 
to shoot them every year but
his bark is wayyy worse than his
bite.  he's really a big softy.
so guess what?
the starlings are starting to 
nest!  that means it's springtime.
let me tell you something else...
starling babies have a face that
only their mother could love.
those are some ugly little babies.
poor things.

does this long, long, long
flower bed depress anyone else 
but me?
yea, i didn't figure it would.
that's cuz you don't have to go 
clean the sucker out.
curse grass in flower beds
and snake grass.
snake grass gets a double curse.
it is literally the bain of my 
yard!  ugghhh i hate it!!

what means spring at your house?


Kristina P. said...

Now snow!

Noelle said...

That flower bed depresses me too...I feel your pain!

Tanya said...

Oh man...my whole yard depresses me. And I don't know when I will have the time to do anything about it!
I have a little birdie that lives in my birdhouse that your uncle rob gave me a couple of years ago. I love it!!!

Charma said...

Spring at our house....... muck and mud, dirty dog prints on the porch, combing burs from horse hair, ducks in the stream, a lot of pregnant cats and that one huge, slow fly that shows up in the house. Spring is here!

Gretchen said...

haha good luck to you
p.s. remember how i told you about the bijou market and i gave you the vendor who sold the tie belts? go to bijoumarket.com and their taking applications for their next market!

Mel said...

How did things go @ Snow?

bri said...

spring means the sound of little laughter in my yard. :)

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