April 7, 2010

what a week...

well last week was one of those...wow what a week weeks.

started a week ago saturday...one of my friends stopped by that i've known since i was a youngster.  she got divorced a few years back and has been dating a man for a couple of years.  well they are engaged and guess where they are having their wedding?
yup, here.  i'm way excited for her and to be able to have them do it here.  so fun.

so then the rest of the week was full of mom stuff, bus driving, and snowy weather.  oh and an appointment at elase medical spa where i will be going to get some laser hair removal...more about that later.

friday was the 17th anniversary of the day i married the man.  17 yrs.  i feel like it is such an accomplishment! ;D  we've had a long, long 17 yrs.  we both came into this thing with samsonites full of stuff.  throw in some undiagnosed bi-polar, and getting married with a youngster already in the mix and it's been a true growing experience.  but we've made it through!  yay us!!  one thing is for sure, we can make it through anything!  plus everytime i try to divorce him he won't let me...seriously.  he is one stubborn man about that.  good thing.
so he planned the day...got rid  made sure the kids had somewhere to go for the day and night and we had the day all alone.  bliss.  we had some red lobster, went to the movies and saw 'clash of the titans', went to the thrift store to see if there was anything good, and came home and ate his yummy ribs and vegged out.  more bliss.  it's so nice to have peace and quiet every once in a while.  soooo nice.  and we got to sleep all the way through the night without any interruptions from the 3 yr old who doesn't sleep.  she is making us all sleep deprived.  and a little crazy.

saturday was full of conference and trying to get things done between conference, shopping at 10:30pm for easter stuff at walmart amongst the 400 other people doing the same thing...we are the biggest procrastinators.

sunday more awesome conference.  cutting out flowers out of old book pages, will show you what i did with them as soon as it's done...it's pretty cute.  making texas sheet cake and going to the family easter party.  good times.  ending the night with 'amazing race'.  the best show on tv.

monday we went down to the oldest ones new school to finish up registration and check out her apartment one more time.  i don't envy the 2-3 yrs of biology, chemistry and math classes that are required for pre-med.  she's a smarty pants.   i'm an english, history girl and she's a math, science girl.

then more yucky weather.

yesterday i got to go to the doctor for that fun girl stuff, where she told me that the youngest ones sleeping habits and lack of sleep because of those is causing me headaches.  fair assessment.  but i have to go get a ct scan to make sure that's all that is going on.  so fun to go spend that much money
on something.  yuck.  add to that getting blood drawn to check all that stuff...double yuck.
but i did get to go to lunch with my sisters.  that made the day all better!
 love those two and love spending time with them.

so today i went to the laser hair removal.  it hurt a little but it's way less painful than electrolysis.  after that you can endure just about anything.  i have this thing called pcos which is what caused my infertility.  one of the most awesome side effects is unusual hair growth in all the places that girls don't want.  black hair growth. i have a beard.  i know, yuck yuck double yuck.  i have a new found empathy for the bearded lady at the circus.  don't they know that she probably just has pcos or a hormone imbalance and can't help it?  shame on them for exploiting it and making the rest of us poor suckers with the same beard feel like circus freaks.  hear that, circus people?!  no, really, it's one of the most embarrassing, awful things.  so i've been hearing those commercials on the radio for a year and finally decided that i was doing it, money or not.  so what if we have to eat a lot of ramen, right?  i'll be black hair free on my face. ;D  and we all know that is way more important than nutrition.  right?!
did i mention i also have some of the manliest, hairy arms out there?  i do.  i shave those but they are next on the list.  i actually had a dermatologist concerned about the amount of black hair on my arms until i told him about the pcos and then he referred me to a specialist.  oh the embarrassment.  owell, after seeing the pictures at the elase place with men's hairy backs...my problems were put into perspective real quick.  what's a little facial hair?  it's better than having a pelt on your back that would rival an animal of some sort.  poor, poor hairy back man.  wow.  i'll keep you posted on the effectiveness of the burning off of the hair and let you know if it works.  in case any of you also have facial hair you want removed permanently.  i secretly hope that one of you does, it makes me feel like less of a weird nut.  just kidding, but not really.  sorry if that makes me a bad person.

so there, that's my week in a nutshell.  if you made it through that whole post you truly are a good friend or family member and clearly have way too much time.  want to come over and sew a quilt or something for me?  i have about 3 that need to be made.;D


Mindy said...

Oh, I just love you Marci... beard and all. ;)

Kristina P. said...

I don't have PCOS, but I do have a hairy neck wattle.

And happy anniversary, my friend!

Tanya said...

holy crap...will life ever slow down? for anyone? please let me know how everyting turns out ok?
Love ya marci!!

bri said...

can i count reading that post as my workout? here i am sitting all alone in my office at work, laughing at my computer. i'm a dork! and you are funny! sorry i have been MIA the last little while...i think i am caught up now. ;)

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