May 25, 2010

my dream house...

my biggest dream in life is to live in an old house.
over 100 yrs old would be the ideal.
i have a house all picked out in the neighboring town.
this is it.

oh the daydreams i've had about this victorian beauty.
they once filmed a movie there with jimmy osmond when i was young.
there used to be a white metal fence around the yard and one time
i picked a big ole' half chewed piece of bubblegum off the bottom of it and chewed it!
gross, huh?
i'd have a heart attack if one of my kids did that.

oh did i forget to mention that the 100+ yr old house also needs to be a fixer upper?
of course it does.
silly people.
i'm the kind of person that drives by houses that are all but condemned and says to myself...
self, we could do wonders with that little house.
and instantly my mind goes to wandering and pretty soon that little house is cute as a button.
it's actually my dream job.  
fixing up the unloved houses of the world. would be heaven.
daydream a little.

the thing is that the new houses of the world just can't compete.
look at the charm this old, beautiful lady has.

and can't you just imagine all the little nooks and crannies she has inside?
the tall ceilings and beautiful moldings.
original hard wood floors that creak and groan.
all the stories that have been lived between her walls.

if i had her i'd take her back to her original beauty.
give her all the dignity and grace back that was once hers.
i can just imagine the cottage gardens that would surround her.
full of old fashioned flowers and roses that would add to her beauty.

a girl can dream...
what's your dream home?

May 23, 2010

my seed...

how many pictures does it take to get a teenager
to quit acting like a teenager?





there we go...finally a good one.  the girl is giving me fits i tell you.
she found two gray hairs while she was flat ironing my hair today.
i still can't do that by myself
i gave her full credit for both of them.  a+ full credit.

i did get this really pretty shot...

and this ones a keeper...
only after i told her there would be no hands on coconuts in any pictures.
which, by the way, her sister thought was hilariously funny.
she's a good example too.

i took these before we went to seminary graduation tonight.
yes a child of mine did graduate from seminary, thank you very much.

and then we met up with our bishop who actually is just a teenager himself.
yes, that is one of our spiritual leaders. 
i love the guy.
so does the oldest one.

these boys have been around for a long time.
lots of memories.
there's a first kiss in there...i won't say who.
it was lip rape and it's mady's story to tell.
now it's funny, then not so much.
but now they are all off to live their grown up lives.
they are armed and ready to fight the good fight.
i can't wait to see the ways they fly.
i can't believe that one of them is mine.
terrifying actually.
but also exciting.
mostly terrifying.

we are in for a week chock full of graduation fun.
and a wedding.

happy monday!

May 21, 2010

dance festival...

we did the dance festival thing at the elementary school today.
it made me realize how long it's been since i've been there.  6 yrs. and now she's graduating.
it also always brings back memories of my own dance festivals...loved those days.
and now there was my little mybug dancing to the lion king.
or rather standing there looking awfully upset because she forgot her twirly ribbon on her seat.
i would have been worrying my head off over it with mady and now...pshh.
i know it's not that big of a deal.
 it's amazing how much more laid back i am.
 so much more enjoyable.  for me and maya.

she's a cute little lioness.
notice the big front teeth.  i love, love, love the 1st grade smile.
the 'hey i lost my front teeth and now they are waayyy too big for my face' smile.
it's the best.

this one...

needs some purse intervention.
i'd worry about hoarding issues but she's waaayyy too clean for that.
the house had gotten a little messy the other day.
dave and i had been gone and when we came home she asked us if we could please clean the house.
she had been asking mady to teach her how to clean while we were gone.
she was actually a little bit weird about the whole thing.
she's definately her daddy's girl.

happy weekend!

May 20, 2010

engagement photos on the farm...

this very cute little couple came and
 got their pictures taken here 
on the farm last saturday.
you have to go and check them out on
it's fun to be a part of something so 
special and she did a beautiful job.

May 19, 2010


(to be sung to the tune of popcorn popping on the apricot tree)

i looked out the window and what did i see?
popcorn popping on my crabapple tree.
spring had brought me such a nice surprise...
bees gathering nectar to take back to the hive.

i walked outside this morning and found this waiting for me at the 
side of our porch.  it is literally buzzing with hundreds of bees
 and is just gorgeous...i love nature.
and as always i am in awe of a heavenly father
who loves us so much that he surrounds us with beauty.
and yes, it does smell as good as it looks.

here's hopin your 
surrounded by beauty too!

May 18, 2010


i want to share what i've learned in the past few weeks.

  • first and foremost.  if you would like to torture a gardener and her husband than take her out of commission during the two months of spring.   
  • dish is essential if you are on the couch for two weeks solid and can't even hold a book.  we do not have dish.
  • there is literally nothing on tv during the hours of 1 and 4.  
  • there is nothing so humbling as being stuck on the couch, literally stuck and can't move, and having a wedgie for two hours that you can't get out.
  • oh except for having to have your 6 yr old help you pull down your undies so you can go to the loo. poor maya is traumatized for life.  she informed me that wasn't a good thing to have to help your mom with that.
  • things like this will invariably happen right after you tell your friend she can get married in your yard.
  • my armpit hair can get super long when i can't shave it for over a month.
  • literally having to depend on someone for everything is the most frustrating thing i have ever endured.
  • family feud is on for two solid hours.
  • in order to be on family feud you have to be able to jump up and down and squeal annoyingly.
  • having to do everything with your left hand is not easy.
  • my teeth didn't have a decent brushing for weeks because of that left hand thing.
  • nascar drivers are not  smarter than a 5th grader.
  • neither am i.
  • but country singers are apparently smarter than a 5th grader, who woulda thunk it?
  • sleeping on your back without moving is really hard.
  • it's really embarrassing to have to have your husband shower you.  
  • husbands are not good at washing long hair.  it flusters them for some reason.
  • when you are in pain it's amazing who you will let see you without a bra on.
  • when you are in pain, can't do your own hair or get dressed by yourself, people are going to stop by.  and they are going to be ladies in your neighborhood who always look adorable.
  • a good home cooked meal is highly underrated.
  • one can only eat so many frozen pizzas.
  • my husband is a better housekeeper than me.
  • i am a better cook than him.
  • not being able to hug your children is torture!
  • ghost whisperer is strangely addicting to watch.
  • my husband is one of the best husbands in all the world!!!!!
  • not being able to comment on blogs or blog yourself is highly irritating.
  • hunt and peck typing is also highly irritating.
  • friends who bring you hot fudge and ice cream are the best kind of friends...thanks tanya!
  • it's really hard to not be able to make things.  i have all the ideas swirling and not being able to do them is killing me.
  • my husband's grandma had polio as a little girl and her right arm is shorter than her right by quite a bit...i have a whole new appreciation for that woman!  she truly is amazing to me.

i just want to say a BIG THANK YOU to
 all of my amazing friends, 
family and sisters in the church 
who have helped me and my family. 
 all the meals and taking the girls and 
offering to help have been overwhelming and 
have brought me to tears more than once.  

but most of all i want to say THANK YOU to my sweetheart.
  he has been so amazing.  he's done everything and done it without complaint
while working tons of over-time to make up for my missed hours of work.  
i have always known he loved me but i had no idea how much. 
 i really can't thank him enough.  also i learned by the things women
 were offering to do for us that he really does more around 
the house on a normal basis than 99% of the men out there. 
 i knew that already but it was just reinforced.  
you are a rock star big d!!


May 17, 2010

a girl, a gun and a turkey...

do you all remember telling you about the turkey tag?
well about 5 weeks ago it was time for me to take gun in hand and search for a turkey...


we loaded up and headed off to the fertile hunting grounds of fillmore, utah.  i was just mainly excited to get to spend the night away with my honey and two of my favorite people, my brother and sister-in-law.  i secretly was a little nervous that i may seriously have to shoot a turkey...
well those two men were gonna make darn good and sure that happened.  so we drive around a little and head out to the honey spot...i've been sworn to secrecy as to the location of said honey spot.  hunters are funny about stuff like that.

we drove down this little dirt road and spy some turkeys.
then i started to get a little excited.
they dress me up in this get-up...

yeah...giggle a little at me cuz it's funny.  i giggled a little myself.
we cruise through a field, over fences, under fences until we get to the perfect little spot.
well what i didn't know about turkey hunting is that there is a lot of very quiet waiting.
like hours of very quiet waiting....
so we settle in.  he tells me i have to lay on my stomach and be quiet.
that works for a while.
then i had to sit up.
then i had to lay on my back.
i kinda felt like a little kid.
but it was beautiful.  just the perfect spring evening temperature.
out in the middle of nowhere.
with birds singing and singing beautifully.
and i got to lay there quietly with my sweetheart....just kind of hanging out and enjoying nature.

this is what i stared at...i wish i would've taken one on my back because it was beeautiful.

not far away my brother and sister-in-law also sat.
he was calling in the turkeys with his turkey call.
he had set out some decoys of female turkeys.

oh and did i mention the crazy rednecks who live down there who go out every night and just shoot randomly?  scared the crap out of me because i watch too many murder shows and kept thinking they were going to hunt us like one episode of  criminal minds.  they were crazy rednecks too.  spooky.

we laid there for about 3 1/2 hours and then it finally happened.  eric called and a tom answered.  then he called again and another answer only closer and then he just kept getting closer and closer.
i was on my belly waiting....let me jump back a bit and tell you this...

 i told the man that perhaps i would be better off sitting and shooting
 because my arms just aren't that long.  he told me that wouldn't work and i should
 just shoot prone, which is on your stomach.
  i knew arguing would be futile so i just did as i was told.  i'm obedient sometimes.
  just when it involves things like guns and boy stuff. 

so back to the story.  turkey is getting closer and closer...then i saw him.  he hit the edge of the clearing that we were watching.  then he just took off like a bat out of hell.  full dead run, i did not know turkeys could run that fast.  he was quick.  of course he was excited thinking that at the end of that run was a girl turkey and he was gonna get him a little lovin.  he would run a little and then kind of puff up but it was like he couldn't decide whether he needed to show off or just get to it.  get to it was winning.  all of a sudden the man says shoot...the gun goes up...shoot now he says...trying to site the little bugger in...pull the trigger.  darkness.  big d video taped it and you can hear him say...mars pick up the gun...mars? moaning...he's off to chase the thing down.  i come to a few seconds later.  follow him down a little hollow all the while thinking...hmmm something's not quite right here.  i find him, the others join us.  the turkey is down so obviously i hit him.  don't remember a thing...the man is all sorts of excited and proud and giddy about all this.  me, i'm  a little dazed and confused. 

me: um, dave, i think i broke my collar bone.  
him: aww you'll be ok...we didn't tell you this but turkey shot has one of the nastiest kicks there is.  we didn't want you to be scared to shoot so we didn't tell you.

luckily the adrenaline was pumping and it took a few hours for the pain to really set in.  we went to the little hospital in fillmore and got an ice pack.  stopped the next day on the way home and saw a movie.  took our time, enjoyed not having the kids.

when we got home we went to the insta-care.  they took me in to x-ray it and POP!  my bone popped somewhere it wasn't supposed to and i felt pain like i haven't felt since i was in labor.  i about passed out.  sure enough that bone was split right down the middle.  all they can do for you is give you pain killers, which i don't like to take, and give you a little sling.  these last 5 weeks have been the longest of my life. 

i just thank god that i got that turkey.
i also know that hunting is not for me.
dave said that i just didn't feel all the excitement because i got hurt.
i'm not so sure about that.
i think i'll leave the actual shooting up to him and i'll just be the side-kick  from now on.
i'll just lay there and look at the trees and listen to the birds.
that's a nice, safe thing to do.

do you see how happy that man is?  that made it worth it...kinda.;D

May 9, 2010

happy mother's day!

to all the mother's in my life...
including aunt mothers 
(that is especially for julie)
thank you for being the women
that you are.
you inspire me always to be
a better person.
you have taught me,
encouraged me,
and loved me through 
sunshine and shade.
i hope the day meant to honor
you is filled with pure joy!!

and to my own mom...
thank you for teaching me
to love flowers.


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