May 21, 2010

dance festival...

we did the dance festival thing at the elementary school today.
it made me realize how long it's been since i've been there.  6 yrs. and now she's graduating.
it also always brings back memories of my own dance festivals...loved those days.
and now there was my little mybug dancing to the lion king.
or rather standing there looking awfully upset because she forgot her twirly ribbon on her seat.
i would have been worrying my head off over it with mady and now...pshh.
i know it's not that big of a deal.
 it's amazing how much more laid back i am.
 so much more enjoyable.  for me and maya.

she's a cute little lioness.
notice the big front teeth.  i love, love, love the 1st grade smile.
the 'hey i lost my front teeth and now they are waayyy too big for my face' smile.
it's the best.

this one...

needs some purse intervention.
i'd worry about hoarding issues but she's waaayyy too clean for that.
the house had gotten a little messy the other day.
dave and i had been gone and when we came home she asked us if we could please clean the house.
she had been asking mady to teach her how to clean while we were gone.
she was actually a little bit weird about the whole thing.
she's definately her daddy's girl.

happy weekend!


Gretchen said...

haha! cute girls

Rachel H. said...

It's funny really, how relaxed we become with each kid--ironic, in a sense. :)

Those girls are absolutely ADORABLE! Love your little purse girl--boy does she know how to pack and pack well. I see a world traveler in her future!

don and jacki said...

LOVE the pictures! Isn't it fun when you can relax and ENJOY the moment!
Love ya little sis, miss seeing you. We need to have a girls night out. Don't you think?!

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