May 25, 2010

my dream house...

my biggest dream in life is to live in an old house.
over 100 yrs old would be the ideal.
i have a house all picked out in the neighboring town.
this is it.

oh the daydreams i've had about this victorian beauty.
they once filmed a movie there with jimmy osmond when i was young.
there used to be a white metal fence around the yard and one time
i picked a big ole' half chewed piece of bubblegum off the bottom of it and chewed it!
gross, huh?
i'd have a heart attack if one of my kids did that.

oh did i forget to mention that the 100+ yr old house also needs to be a fixer upper?
of course it does.
silly people.
i'm the kind of person that drives by houses that are all but condemned and says to myself...
self, we could do wonders with that little house.
and instantly my mind goes to wandering and pretty soon that little house is cute as a button.
it's actually my dream job.  
fixing up the unloved houses of the world. would be heaven.
daydream a little.

the thing is that the new houses of the world just can't compete.
look at the charm this old, beautiful lady has.

and can't you just imagine all the little nooks and crannies she has inside?
the tall ceilings and beautiful moldings.
original hard wood floors that creak and groan.
all the stories that have been lived between her walls.

if i had her i'd take her back to her original beauty.
give her all the dignity and grace back that was once hers.
i can just imagine the cottage gardens that would surround her.
full of old fashioned flowers and roses that would add to her beauty.

a girl can dream...
what's your dream home?


Mindy said...

You already know we're soul sisters. :)

Noelle said...

That would be my dream house too...with a wrap around porch. But don't worry, I won't fight you for it! It's beautiful!

Kristina P. said...

I LOVE old, charming houses. I love the 9th and 9th area in SLC. But it would definitely have to be renovated.

Callie said...

That house is perfect. You have just described my dream houseas well. I love the character that comes with old houses. Those old houses are built to last.

Gretchen said...

omg me too! i keep telling Griff we need to find an old house. that one is perfect!

Anonymous said...

I love that house too! I also would LOVE a 100 year old fixer upper. Every time I see an old beauty I ramble on about how much character and warmth the old houses have. All the things you mentioned. Nothing these days can even come close.

Marci said...

look how many kindred spirits i have!
i love it!!!

Marci said...

oh and too!
those old houses up in the aves are ahhh...

don and jacki said...

and we already know, that IT would be done with the very best craftmanship. dream on girl, you'll have all the old houses in the world cute as a button!

The Tolman Family said...

Marci,I could so much do the same. I loved checking out the old plantation homes on my mission, where I and Dave served. I took some pictures too. That old house is beautiful. Cool Dream.

bri said...

one that cleans itself. =)

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