May 23, 2010

my seed...

how many pictures does it take to get a teenager
to quit acting like a teenager?





there we go...finally a good one.  the girl is giving me fits i tell you.
she found two gray hairs while she was flat ironing my hair today.
i still can't do that by myself
i gave her full credit for both of them.  a+ full credit.

i did get this really pretty shot...

and this ones a keeper...
only after i told her there would be no hands on coconuts in any pictures.
which, by the way, her sister thought was hilariously funny.
she's a good example too.

i took these before we went to seminary graduation tonight.
yes a child of mine did graduate from seminary, thank you very much.

and then we met up with our bishop who actually is just a teenager himself.
yes, that is one of our spiritual leaders. 
i love the guy.
so does the oldest one.

these boys have been around for a long time.
lots of memories.
there's a first kiss in there...i won't say who.
it was lip rape and it's mady's story to tell.
now it's funny, then not so much.
but now they are all off to live their grown up lives.
they are armed and ready to fight the good fight.
i can't wait to see the ways they fly.
i can't believe that one of them is mine.
terrifying actually.
but also exciting.
mostly terrifying.

we are in for a week chock full of graduation fun.
and a wedding.

happy monday!


Mindy said...

I love the one of the three girls together! Congrats on your graduation, Mady!!

girlsmama said...

Even with a goofy face she is beautiful! Congrats Mady! Go make your Mama proud. :)

The Tolman Family said...

I cant believe its been seventeen + years. I remmeber going up with Dave to you and your moms appartment in south SL. And Mady was so little. Then your wedding, she was I think almost more beautifuly dressed than you. I think she has the bestest smile around. We will try to come see you all soon.

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Yes, your bishop looks like a teenager! I always think I would hate to be married to a guy that looked that young, because people would think I was his MOTHER not his wife. (Despite his teeny bopper looks, he's a great guy.)

Gretchen said...


don and jacki said...

Marci, I can't believe it either! You were just a kid yesterday (that makes me really old)! Now Mady's all grown up. Mady, you were one of the cutest little girls there ever was and now look at you... you are a gorgeous young lady. Congrats and Good Luck at Snow! Love ya both!

This and That Creations said...

Man, look at those gorgeous girlies! We've got to get our girlies together for a play date!

This and That Creations said...

I'm guessing it's the guy on the far right! LOL...lip rape...been there, done that...

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