May 18, 2010


i want to share what i've learned in the past few weeks.

  • first and foremost.  if you would like to torture a gardener and her husband than take her out of commission during the two months of spring.   
  • dish is essential if you are on the couch for two weeks solid and can't even hold a book.  we do not have dish.
  • there is literally nothing on tv during the hours of 1 and 4.  
  • there is nothing so humbling as being stuck on the couch, literally stuck and can't move, and having a wedgie for two hours that you can't get out.
  • oh except for having to have your 6 yr old help you pull down your undies so you can go to the loo. poor maya is traumatized for life.  she informed me that wasn't a good thing to have to help your mom with that.
  • things like this will invariably happen right after you tell your friend she can get married in your yard.
  • my armpit hair can get super long when i can't shave it for over a month.
  • literally having to depend on someone for everything is the most frustrating thing i have ever endured.
  • family feud is on for two solid hours.
  • in order to be on family feud you have to be able to jump up and down and squeal annoyingly.
  • having to do everything with your left hand is not easy.
  • my teeth didn't have a decent brushing for weeks because of that left hand thing.
  • nascar drivers are not  smarter than a 5th grader.
  • neither am i.
  • but country singers are apparently smarter than a 5th grader, who woulda thunk it?
  • sleeping on your back without moving is really hard.
  • it's really embarrassing to have to have your husband shower you.  
  • husbands are not good at washing long hair.  it flusters them for some reason.
  • when you are in pain it's amazing who you will let see you without a bra on.
  • when you are in pain, can't do your own hair or get dressed by yourself, people are going to stop by.  and they are going to be ladies in your neighborhood who always look adorable.
  • a good home cooked meal is highly underrated.
  • one can only eat so many frozen pizzas.
  • my husband is a better housekeeper than me.
  • i am a better cook than him.
  • not being able to hug your children is torture!
  • ghost whisperer is strangely addicting to watch.
  • my husband is one of the best husbands in all the world!!!!!
  • not being able to comment on blogs or blog yourself is highly irritating.
  • hunt and peck typing is also highly irritating.
  • friends who bring you hot fudge and ice cream are the best kind of friends...thanks tanya!
  • it's really hard to not be able to make things.  i have all the ideas swirling and not being able to do them is killing me.
  • my husband's grandma had polio as a little girl and her right arm is shorter than her right by quite a bit...i have a whole new appreciation for that woman!  she truly is amazing to me.

i just want to say a BIG THANK YOU to
 all of my amazing friends, 
family and sisters in the church 
who have helped me and my family. 
 all the meals and taking the girls and 
offering to help have been overwhelming and 
have brought me to tears more than once.  

but most of all i want to say THANK YOU to my sweetheart.
  he has been so amazing.  he's done everything and done it without complaint
while working tons of over-time to make up for my missed hours of work.  
i have always known he loved me but i had no idea how much. 
 i really can't thank him enough.  also i learned by the things women
 were offering to do for us that he really does more around 
the house on a normal basis than 99% of the men out there. 
 i knew that already but it was just reinforced.  
you are a rock star big d!!



Anonymous said...

Hi Marci- So glad to read you're recovering! My hubby broke his collarbone in HS playing football and always talks about how horrible it was. (I forget how I found your blog, but I used to be your neighbor.)

Ginny said...

Yeah, you're back to blogging!

Tanya said...

Love ya Marci! I have felt so bad that I haven't been over more....every time I have tried there was no answer so I figured you weren't ready or able to have company! You poor thing. Dave told me next time to come around the back so I will!! I am so glad you're back to blogging...I hope you're doing ok! Please let me know what you need ok?

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