June 28, 2010

iced tea...

i love iced tea.
here's the problem...
it's against my religion to drink black tea.
so how do i know i love it, you smart !@#$@#  out there are asking?
once upon a time i was a rebel...yes it's true.
so i've been wondering for awhile if green tea would make
good iced tea.
i decided to try it.
it does!
so if you like iced tea but don't want to drink black tea then here's how you make it:

  take 4 tea bags and put them in a quart jar.
  pour 2 cups almost boiling water over them and let steep for 10 minutes.
  pour 2 cups cold water in after you remove the tea bags.
 i used good earth green tea with lemon grass.
 i think i'm gonna try it with chamomile and peppermint too.
 then make a simple syrup by boiling 1 c sugar and 1 c water
  until sugar dissolves.
  pour ice cold tea over some ice in a cup, add some simple syrup and
  voila!  mormon friendly iced tea.  it's so cold and refreshing!!

happy summer!

June 23, 2010

to market, to market...

well it's that time of year...
my mind is in full gear thinking about
the marketplace.
click over to the fff blog where you will find an application waiting for you.
go ahead...you know you want to sell your fabulous handmade goods and spend the day with us!

oh and if you know of any antique/junk dealers let them know you have the perfect place for them to sell their wares!

June 21, 2010


the house does not rest 
upon the ground but 
upon a woman...
 old mexican proverb

i just heard that on criminal minds 
and wanted to share with all 
the home making women i know!
it touched my heart a little.

June 20, 2010

father's day...

so here's the deal.
we have a great dad in our family.
 we just do.
we bought him a grill for father's day
and gave it to him last week because he works
this weekend.
he told me he didn't feel like he deserved
something like that.

it made me think of all the things that
he does just for us.
he works tons of overtime.
he spends his free time, all of it, with us.
he's made us a beautiful home.
he cleans, he cooks and he does laundry.
lots of laundry.
he plays with the girls...
and makes them giggle.
he worries, non-stop, about the oldest one.
he has given up all of the 
'extras' in life so that i would only have
to work part-time .
this translates to:  he has never had a nice, new truck.;D
or boat, or trailer...he always takes the things that 
others are done with and makes them
into something that works.
he has lugged boxes of product all over the place,
set up heavy doors, dressed like a dickens character,
and made oodles of frames so that i can
do what i love.
he lives with 4 emotionally unstable girls
and loves us anyway.
i know there are thousands of other things.

so, my dear sweet husband.  
you actually do deserve that nice new grill.
did i mention that every grill he's ever had
 was a hand-me-down? 
you deserve the moon and the stars.
you've taken 4 girls and given them
love like they would have never
known if you hadn't come along.
thank you sweetheart.

i also want to thank another special 'dad' in our lives.
big d's mom married demont when dave was 15.
he married a lady 13 yrs older than him with 
8 kids,  a couple of which were not much younger than him.
he also had 3 young boys of his own that he was 
raising on his own.  he is amazing.  truly one of my heroes in life.
mady loves to tell people how old her grandpa is...they never believe her.;D
anyways...thank you demont.  thank you for caring about my 
husband.  for loving us, all of us.  for being such a great 'papa' for the 
little ones.  we all love and appreciate you so much.
and that other guy up there? he's the father to that amazing guy.
and he's pretty darn amazing himself!  we love you two.
happy father's day!!

i wish i had a scanner so i could post a picture of my own dad.
it's been almost a year.
 in my heart i'll say to him...
thank you for all you gave to me.
thank you for the memories that i have of happy times.
thank you for taking care of me even when you didn't have to.
thank you for teaching me what kind of a mother i wanted to be.
and what kind of a father i wanted for my girls.
thank you for loving mady.
i hope that you are happy where you are.
i miss your smile and the twinkle in your eye that 
was there when you were teasing.
love you dad.

June 19, 2010

i'd like you to meet the neighbors...

for a few weeks every year we 
have these beauties as neighbors.
i get excited every year when i see
they have come to visit!
sometimes we have mama and baby.
this year it looks like we got the boys.
i wish i could have got them to cooperate 
and look up so i could get their beautiful faces
but they were wayyy too busy eating away.
these bad boys stand next to our 6' wire 
fence and their
heads are above the fence.
they are amazing to me.
majestic and gentle and HUGE!

June 17, 2010

not productive...

every time the man makes out of town plans i think, 
"awesome!  what a great time to get 
all of the billions of things i want to get done, done."
famous last thoughts...
it never happens. 
  can any of you tell me why that is?
i wish someone could.
or that i would stop thinking it was going to happen
so that i wouldn't be disappointed in myself when it didn't.

btw...that picture doesn't have a thing
 to do with this little rambling 
but isn't it cool?
i'd like to have been in that little group of cowgirls...
don't you see pictures like that and just want to know
all of their life stories?
i do.  maybe i'm weird.
i know i'm tired.
and it would probably be in my best interest to
say goodnight!

so goodnight!:D

June 13, 2010

i love it when this...

turns into this

thanks to my hard workin girl and her super sweet dad for 
all the mother's day flowers!
the gift that gives me smiles all summer long!

you'll have to stop by sometime and see them for yourself...

June 10, 2010

and then we ran away...

to use one of the smallest ones favorite expressions...holy cow.

we had us a crazy couple of weeks...the last week the oldest was a high school student.
full of fun stuff for her.
what a feeling of accomplishment to have raised a child through graduation.
i never realized i would feel that way.
we've done good so far.

two days after graduation we had a wedding at our house.
ang is one of my oldest friends.
we've been through a lot together.
i've babysat her kids on and off and they are just family.
she met the man of her dreams and they let the farm be the place they said their i do's.
it was cool.
and it was perfect.
there's something to be said for getting hitched when your a little older.
you're a little wiser.
and your wedding is funner.
two words...backyard barbecue.
i'm thinkin we're going to encourage the 3 girls to do the same.
maybe with a band.

so then a day after the wedding the graduation party.
family, treats, and a wahoo for mads!

the man and i were ready to escape for a minute or two.
so we decided to go up to one of our favorite spots and grab a  hamburger.
just lunch.
on the way up the canyon we were talking about the farm chicks trip.
it was this time of year.
it was beautiful the whole way up.
rainy, green, lush, beautiful.
it really was the perfect trip.
then i said well maybe we should just take a mini vaca right now.
and to my surprise he said yes.
so we stayed the night here.

no toothbrush, change of clothes, nothing.
but they have comfy robes and we didn't care.
we put those things on and sat on the balcony and watched some deer
while we drank hot cocoa and talked for a while.
it was much needed.
i would highly recommend it.
we have to take advantage of having an 18 yr old while we can.
she's leaving us, you know.

so now on to summer!
hope yours is rockin so far,

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