June 10, 2010

and then we ran away...

to use one of the smallest ones favorite expressions...holy cow.

we had us a crazy couple of weeks...the last week the oldest was a high school student.
full of fun stuff for her.
what a feeling of accomplishment to have raised a child through graduation.
i never realized i would feel that way.
we've done good so far.

two days after graduation we had a wedding at our house.
ang is one of my oldest friends.
we've been through a lot together.
i've babysat her kids on and off and they are just family.
she met the man of her dreams and they let the farm be the place they said their i do's.
it was cool.
and it was perfect.
there's something to be said for getting hitched when your a little older.
you're a little wiser.
and your wedding is funner.
two words...backyard barbecue.
i'm thinkin we're going to encourage the 3 girls to do the same.
maybe with a band.

so then a day after the wedding the graduation party.
family, treats, and a wahoo for mads!

the man and i were ready to escape for a minute or two.
so we decided to go up to one of our favorite spots and grab a  hamburger.
just lunch.
on the way up the canyon we were talking about the farm chicks trip.
it was this time of year.
it was beautiful the whole way up.
rainy, green, lush, beautiful.
it really was the perfect trip.
then i said well maybe we should just take a mini vaca right now.
and to my surprise he said yes.
so we stayed the night here.

no toothbrush, change of clothes, nothing.
but they have comfy robes and we didn't care.
we put those things on and sat on the balcony and watched some deer
while we drank hot cocoa and talked for a while.
it was much needed.
i would highly recommend it.
we have to take advantage of having an 18 yr old while we can.
she's leaving us, you know.

so now on to summer!
hope yours is rockin so far,


Gretchen said...

o man that place is so beautiful!
so spontaneous! its nice to know that still happens after being...not newly married ;) ahaha
YAY MADY! wish we coulda been there!

Kristina P. said...

I need to check that place out. I love going up into the mountains and staying in a gorgeous hotel.

Tanya said...

I LOVE THAT PLACE!!! We have stayed there and it was awesome. We went in the winter and it was beautiful!!!

I'm so sad we were out of town for Mady's party! Love ya Mady!!

don and jacki said...

HEY! We've stayed in that same room!

This and That Creations said...

I'm so jealous you got to do the Farm Chicks show! I could not go this year but had been planning all year long...let me know if you go next year! Glad you made some money! I'm so stupid, I've been checking the fallowfieldsfarm blog and wondering where you were??? Well you've been here at Mady's Sunshine! I'm so duh sometimes! Congrats to Ms. Mady...!

V and Co. said...

oh congrats to mady!!!!!
and i'm still giggling over the turkey pictures!!!!!

Rachel H. said...

That is seriously the COOLEST trip ever. LOVE your spontaneous spark! SOOOO romatic! :)

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