June 20, 2010

father's day...

so here's the deal.
we have a great dad in our family.
 we just do.
we bought him a grill for father's day
and gave it to him last week because he works
this weekend.
he told me he didn't feel like he deserved
something like that.

it made me think of all the things that
he does just for us.
he works tons of overtime.
he spends his free time, all of it, with us.
he's made us a beautiful home.
he cleans, he cooks and he does laundry.
lots of laundry.
he plays with the girls...
and makes them giggle.
he worries, non-stop, about the oldest one.
he has given up all of the 
'extras' in life so that i would only have
to work part-time .
this translates to:  he has never had a nice, new truck.;D
or boat, or trailer...he always takes the things that 
others are done with and makes them
into something that works.
he has lugged boxes of product all over the place,
set up heavy doors, dressed like a dickens character,
and made oodles of frames so that i can
do what i love.
he lives with 4 emotionally unstable girls
and loves us anyway.
i know there are thousands of other things.

so, my dear sweet husband.  
you actually do deserve that nice new grill.
did i mention that every grill he's ever had
 was a hand-me-down? 
you deserve the moon and the stars.
you've taken 4 girls and given them
love like they would have never
known if you hadn't come along.
thank you sweetheart.

i also want to thank another special 'dad' in our lives.
big d's mom married demont when dave was 15.
he married a lady 13 yrs older than him with 
8 kids,  a couple of which were not much younger than him.
he also had 3 young boys of his own that he was 
raising on his own.  he is amazing.  truly one of my heroes in life.
mady loves to tell people how old her grandpa is...they never believe her.;D
anyways...thank you demont.  thank you for caring about my 
husband.  for loving us, all of us.  for being such a great 'papa' for the 
little ones.  we all love and appreciate you so much.
and that other guy up there? he's the father to that amazing guy.
and he's pretty darn amazing himself!  we love you two.
happy father's day!!

i wish i had a scanner so i could post a picture of my own dad.
it's been almost a year.
 in my heart i'll say to him...
thank you for all you gave to me.
thank you for the memories that i have of happy times.
thank you for taking care of me even when you didn't have to.
thank you for teaching me what kind of a mother i wanted to be.
and what kind of a father i wanted for my girls.
thank you for loving mady.
i hope that you are happy where you are.
i miss your smile and the twinkle in your eye that 
was there when you were teasing.
love you dad.


Kristina P. said...

Your husband sounds amazing, Marci. This was very sweet.

The Tolman Family said...

Dave I really think your a great father too. And your family are remmbered much by me. Though the times are few,your family has always been very friendly to me and my family. You do deserve the Grill.

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