June 28, 2010

iced tea...

i love iced tea.
here's the problem...
it's against my religion to drink black tea.
so how do i know i love it, you smart !@#$@#  out there are asking?
once upon a time i was a rebel...yes it's true.
so i've been wondering for awhile if green tea would make
good iced tea.
i decided to try it.
it does!
so if you like iced tea but don't want to drink black tea then here's how you make it:

  take 4 tea bags and put them in a quart jar.
  pour 2 cups almost boiling water over them and let steep for 10 minutes.
  pour 2 cups cold water in after you remove the tea bags.
 i used good earth green tea with lemon grass.
 i think i'm gonna try it with chamomile and peppermint too.
 then make a simple syrup by boiling 1 c sugar and 1 c water
  until sugar dissolves.
  pour ice cold tea over some ice in a cup, add some simple syrup and
  voila!  mormon friendly iced tea.  it's so cold and refreshing!!

happy summer!


Kristina P. said...

Is it bitter? It does sound refreshing.

Hey, I'm doing another giveaway to promote my readers. Just a heads up :)

Tanya said...

yummmmmmmmmm!!! I'm gonna do this!!

bri said...

i can still see my grammy's huge, clear jar of tea sitting out on her patio table in the backyard . . . filled with bright yellow lemons.

good memories.

girlsmama said...

I like you have tasted the pleasures of real iced tea. Great, now I'm drooling. I've used an herbal mix for years, that almost satisfies the craving. I do enjoy mint tea iced down. So here's my question, why is green okay/different than black? Cause I'm too lazy to look it up. :)

Marci said...

well here's how i knew that i wasn't supposed to drink iced tea...i thought it was ok because it wasn't a hot drink. the man explained to me that we aren't supposed to drink black tea because it has tannic acid in it. i think that green tea is different...i hope so at least!!;D

Anonymous said...

A guy in my bishopric works as a substance abuse counselor. He studies much research. He spoke to our young women and said that pretty much the only difference between the black tea and the green tea is the color of the leaf. They both have addictive properties and neither would be considered okay.

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