August 19, 2010

dreams do come true...

seven years ago at about this very time of day one of the 
dreams of my heart came true...
actually it was yesterday that it came true
 but i didn't know about it until today.
a call came telling me that we had the
 opportunity to add a new little life to our family.
a little bundle of can read the story
  here, here, here, oh and it's finished here.

seven years goes by awful fast, doesn't it?
now she's all tall and funny and a little sassy.
not the fat little bundle that i brought home from the 
hospital that happy august day.
she's a little spot of sunshine in our house and 
we're sooo happy that she's ours.

yesterday we went to spaghetti factory....
she would eat spaghetti morning, noon and night.

grammy sent her some money so we of course 
had to detour over to toys r us...

she's been waiting for a zhu zhu pet and she got a 
cute little cowboy hamster named tex.

then we rounded up peytie and headed to ramona and beezus, which i loved. 
oh and i think the kids did too.
and what better way to end the day then with 
cupcakes and playing with your friends?

all in all a pretty good day.
not as good as the day i had seven years ago but close. ;D
happy birthday mybug...we love, love, love you.


Kristina P. said...

Yay! This makes my heart happy.

griffin&gretchen said...

o man i remember that day! cute little baby with hairy ears haha
she is so big! love her

Mindy said...

Oh, your girls are so stinkin' adorable!! I can't wait to see Ramona and Beezus.

bri said...

love spaghetti factory.
love that she got a cowboy named tex.
loved ramona and beezus.
can't wait to read your story.
what a doll.

The Tolman Family said...

Hey, I remember that day too. Im glad that you had a headache so we could not go out that day or you would have missed that call. Cant beleive how big she is getting. Just looking at some pics of her when I use to take care of her and when you guys went to the Temple.

Rachel H. said...

she's FABULOUS! :) Seroiusly, adorable and sweet know! :)

Sounds like the perfect day. You really know how to make it happen for those kiddos of yours! :) I am so jealous you saw the's definitely on my wishlist--takin' me back to my own childhood!

Ginny said...

OMG, I so remember that fabulous day!! LOVE LOVE LOVE This little girl!!!

This and That Creations said...

I love this post...she is so stinking cute!!!

Sue said...

She's a doll!
I really want to see Ramona and Beezus-LOVED those books as a kid!

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