September 20, 2010

window food...

my daughter just asked me if we could go out and get food.
we do that wayyy too often.
i said no.
she said can't we just go get it out of the window?
i said, huh?
she said yeah you pull up to the window and they give you food.
um i think we need to quit getting so much window food.

i'll be posting pictures soon of the show.  
right now i am recouping and still trying to get things put away.
thank you to everyone who helped, came and supported and brought
their fabulous things to sell!!!


Mindy said...

Oh, that's so funny! It reminds me of when we were young marrieds living in an apartment RIGHT next to an Arctic Circle. I taught a darling little girl the violin and when she saw the drive up window out my window her eyes got really big... she said she couldn't believe how LUCKY I was that I could order whenever I wanted to! (What she didn't know is that we could hear everyone's order ;)

Kristina P. said...

We eat out all the time too! We are screwed in times of disaster.

Sue said...

Cute:) Reminds me of my kids and the ATM...I said I didn't have the money for something and they said to just go get it at the ATM(or write a check)! :)

I would have LOVED to come to your show! Too bad I'm in California:(

bri said...

Mmmmm, window food. The kind that I don't have to cook or clean...Wishing I had some of that tonight.

Anonymous said...

I would pay serious money for one of those magical windows IN my kitchen! It would solve all my cooking distress.

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