October 27, 2010

laughing out loud on the floor...

holy smack how funny is that?

from one creepy facebook mom to another...

October 26, 2010

i double heart....

it's been a loong time since i looked forward to watching a tv show every week.
but parenthood...come on...it's the best thing on tv.  admit it.
i seriously find myself hating to see it end when it's over.  
that's how much i love it.
it makes me laugh, it makes me cry...tell me you didn't get teared up 
when the dad serenaded the mom at the end of season 1.
or last week when adam thanked his little blonde wife for all she does.
so, here is the story.  if you don't watch parenthood you should.
if you do watch parenthood then you know why i love it.

up there...that cracks me up.
every one who has ever had to drive with their daughter knows exactly
how that mom feels.  mady scares the hell out of me.
and on the flip side...i drive her nutty.
maybe that's why it's so funny.
because it's real life without being real.
does that make sense?  i dunno.
anyway it is on tonight so watch it and let me know what you think.

have a fabulous day!

October 24, 2010

i wish...

i wish that today every single person
 in the whole world could 
spend a day filled with joy.
not just happiness but outright joy.
they could spend lots of time belly laughing
 and seeing all the good there is to see.
of course there would need to be 
people that loved them all around.
and to end the day perfectly i 
wish that they could end it around the
 table, or campfire, or rug, or whatever 
was their custom
 and enjoy a big delicious meal.
surrounded by friends and family.
lots of talking and laughing and being together.
just for one day...
i wish everyone in the entire world could be happy.
can you imagine how amazing that would be?

i know that wish is a little unrealistic but could you have 
a day filled with joy, just for me? 

October 22, 2010

i wish...

that for one whole day
 i could go shopping
 and buy whatever i wanted
 without having to
 think twice about money.
  i'm not talking buying cars
 or anything big like that.
  i'm talking about the grocery store
 or the mall or costco.
  ok maybe a little fabric
 and quite possibly a trip to
 dear lizzy and thanksgiving point
 with a jewelry stop at busy biddy
 and i'd really like some 
anthro boots...
but other than that
 just the basics.
  and if i could take along
 a couple of friends
 and a sister or two
 that would be awesome too.
  if i'm gonna wish i should wish big.

  speaking of wishing big...
maybe the night before
 all the extra weight i carry
 around could magically disappear
 in my sleep and
 then shopping for clothes
 the next day would be wayyy more fun...
and maybe it could 
stay away forever.
  and i'd wish the same one
 as that last one for a
 sweet lady i know.

-k that's the end of my wish for today.

here's to dreaming big dreams and wishing on stars...

October 21, 2010

i wish...

that i could buy all the women who love to cook,
or just love a beautiful cookbook...this book.

i bought it at ya-ya night at thanksgiving point.
it's chock full of yummy recipes.
it's by the talented michelle huxtable and it is the way to 
'make food your love language' for sure!

happy cooking!

October 20, 2010

i wish...

that for one whole weekend all of 
miss mady's friends would lose her phone number.
no texting...all weekend!

and that the big guy wouldn't work on anything
 but having fun with the fam!

all weekend!


October 19, 2010

i wish...

that every girl i know could have gone to the 
ya-ya sisterhood pow-wow at thanksgiving point with us.
it was so fun to see the women in all their creative glory!
lots of beautiful and creative ladies out there...

me and mads had lots of fun getting our ya-ya on!

then we picked up another ya-ya sister...who also happens to be my big sister.

we decided that these pretty ladies had to be original ya-yas...aren't they beautiful?  
i fell in love with that vintage 50's dress....ahhh.
they thought miss mady was the belle of the ball...i'd have to agree.;D

this little lady took away our woes so we could just enjoy the night...sweet thing.

this is one of our favorite jewelry girls...heidi kennington of rusted pearl,
love this girl!

it was so much fun to get all dressed up and put
 all the girlie stuff on i could.
then get to go and spend the evening 
with two of my favorite ladies...
well that was the best night i could have!  
thanks mads and ginny for indulging me in my little 
ya-ya sisterhood fantasy night.:D
i love you two!!


October 17, 2010

week of wishes...

i wish that you could see the 
view from my front yard...

have a happy day!

October 11, 2010

buried treasure...

sometimes you find it in the darndest places.

this little cabinet was found in a sheep pen full of...
well...sheep poop.
it was kind of in one piece at the time.
we got it when we went to take down the cabin.
i knew it was a treasure...
my husband, not so much.
i think his exact words were,
 'what in the hell do you think
 you're gonna do with that?'
silly boy...sometimes i think he doesn't know me at all.
over the last year he has told me a dozen times that he was never going to be able to fix it.
we weren't going to use it in the house.
there was just no way.
well here's the thing ladies and gents.
where there is a will there is always a way.
we just redid our bathroom.
i dragged this out of the barn and again 
was asked, 'what the hell?'
well this is the hell...i'm using this for the
 cabinet in the bathroom.

big d-'no way...it won't work.'
me-'oh yes it will.'
big d-'no it won't.'
me-'uh uh.'
big  d-'how?'
me-'you're gonna fix it for me.'
big d-'there's no way.'

you get the point.  this went on for awhile.
then after a few tears and me telling him he was 
amazing and could fix anything...
why didn't he just have some 
confidence in his abilities...
in other words, manipulation.
he dug in and rose to the occasion.
and then i got to say, 
'see i told you it would be awesome.'
and, of course, he had to agree.
at first we were going to use this amazing 
old sink we have but decided to keep it for the cabin.
so then we had the conundrum of what to use.
here's something you should know about us...
we always try and do something unique and cheap.
cheap being the key word.
so this is what we came up with.

now i know this isn't everyone's cup o' tea 
but it works just right for us.
i like the sound the water makes on the tin.
plus it goes with the metal around the tub...
pictures to come soon.
and we got the faucet for a 
screamin deal at home depot.

so here is a picture of little beauty all restored.

this hardware...it made me swoon a little.  
yes, i swoon over hardware.

admit it, that handle makes you swoon a little, doesn't it?
ok maybe it doesn't...but it is down right pretty.
i don't care what you say.

so what is the moral of the story?
don't be afraid of treasures buried in shit.
they  may just turn out to be beauties!

don't worry...this thing has been scrubbed with bleach, coated with two coats of primer and three coats of oil based paint then covered with poly.  i may not blink at eye about diggin around for a treasure but it definately has to be clean and sanitized well before it comes inside.  i know my sister and mom were both thinking to themselves...i will never be usin that bathroom! ;D  but you have to know that big d is as ocd as they come!

happy junkin!

October 10, 2010


sometimes i think it's happening to me...
i'm letting it wither...
then i walk outside and feel the cool air
and see the bursts of color and
feel deep down in my soul that
magic does exist.
all around me.
in the beautiful earth
and in the giggles and smiles 
of the two little fairy princesses who call me mom.
they have eyes full of sparkles.
that proves to me that it does exist...


October 1, 2010

the marketplace...

so i think we have recovered fully.
it took awhile!
i still have product in my living room that needs to find a home....urgh.
i was so excited with how it all turned out...we had twice as many people as last year and the vendors were awesome!
it can only get better from here, right?

if you want to see some pictures then skip on over to the farm blog.
i have some more that i want to post here but the man just got home from fishin and i need to go chat with him a bit about how his day went.

happy friday!
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