October 11, 2010

buried treasure...

sometimes you find it in the darndest places.

this little cabinet was found in a sheep pen full of...
well...sheep poop.
it was kind of in one piece at the time.
we got it when we went to take down the cabin.
i knew it was a treasure...
my husband, not so much.
i think his exact words were,
 'what in the hell do you think
 you're gonna do with that?'
silly boy...sometimes i think he doesn't know me at all.
over the last year he has told me a dozen times that he was never going to be able to fix it.
we weren't going to use it in the house.
there was just no way.
well here's the thing ladies and gents.
where there is a will there is always a way.
we just redid our bathroom.
i dragged this out of the barn and again 
was asked, 'what the hell?'
well this is the hell...i'm using this for the
 cabinet in the bathroom.

big d-'no way...it won't work.'
me-'oh yes it will.'
big d-'no it won't.'
me-'uh uh.'
big  d-'how?'
me-'you're gonna fix it for me.'
big d-'there's no way.'

you get the point.  this went on for awhile.
then after a few tears and me telling him he was 
amazing and could fix anything...
why didn't he just have some 
confidence in his abilities...
in other words, manipulation.
he dug in and rose to the occasion.
and then i got to say, 
'see i told you it would be awesome.'
and, of course, he had to agree.
at first we were going to use this amazing 
old sink we have but decided to keep it for the cabin.
so then we had the conundrum of what to use.
here's something you should know about us...
we always try and do something unique and cheap.
cheap being the key word.
so this is what we came up with.

now i know this isn't everyone's cup o' tea 
but it works just right for us.
i like the sound the water makes on the tin.
plus it goes with the metal around the tub...
pictures to come soon.
and we got the faucet for a 
screamin deal at home depot.

so here is a picture of little beauty all restored.

this hardware...it made me swoon a little.  
yes, i swoon over hardware.

admit it, that handle makes you swoon a little, doesn't it?
ok maybe it doesn't...but it is down right pretty.
i don't care what you say.

so what is the moral of the story?
don't be afraid of treasures buried in shit.
they  may just turn out to be beauties!

don't worry...this thing has been scrubbed with bleach, coated with two coats of primer and three coats of oil based paint then covered with poly.  i may not blink at eye about diggin around for a treasure but it definately has to be clean and sanitized well before it comes inside.  i know my sister and mom were both thinking to themselves...i will never be usin that bathroom! ;D  but you have to know that big d is as ocd as they come!

happy junkin!


bri said...

can you be any more talented? i absolutely love it and you!

Mindy said...

I'm so excited to see it finished!!! I could see the potential in that thing when you showed it to me the first time... but I'm still amazed at what you accomplish. I love the tin tub sink... and I can just imagine the sound of the water running into it. Seriously love it!!!

Rachel H. said...

It's so stinkin' beautiful! (no pun intended. lol)
You did wonders!

Sue said...

You are so creative! I love your style and would LOVE this in my bathroom. I think the "sink" is FANTASTIC!

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