October 26, 2010

i double heart....

it's been a loong time since i looked forward to watching a tv show every week.
but parenthood...come on...it's the best thing on tv.  admit it.
i seriously find myself hating to see it end when it's over.  
that's how much i love it.
it makes me laugh, it makes me cry...tell me you didn't get teared up 
when the dad serenaded the mom at the end of season 1.
or last week when adam thanked his little blonde wife for all she does.
so, here is the story.  if you don't watch parenthood you should.
if you do watch parenthood then you know why i love it.

up there...that cracks me up.
every one who has ever had to drive with their daughter knows exactly
how that mom feels.  mady scares the hell out of me.
and on the flip side...i drive her nutty.
maybe that's why it's so funny.
because it's real life without being real.
does that make sense?  i dunno.
anyway it is on tonight so watch it and let me know what you think.

have a fabulous day!


bri said...

this is my all time favorite show. it is the story of my life. i can so relate in so many ways!

Tanya said...

YUP...right there with ya! I love everything about it!! And I so want the parents' house and back yard where they all gather! Seriously...I love this show!!!

Ginny said...

love that show! How was hunting?

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