October 19, 2010

i wish...

that every girl i know could have gone to the 
ya-ya sisterhood pow-wow at thanksgiving point with us.
it was so fun to see the women in all their creative glory!
lots of beautiful and creative ladies out there...

me and mads had lots of fun getting our ya-ya on!

then we picked up another ya-ya sister...who also happens to be my big sister.

we decided that these pretty ladies had to be original ya-yas...aren't they beautiful?  
i fell in love with that vintage 50's dress....ahhh.
they thought miss mady was the belle of the ball...i'd have to agree.;D

this little lady took away our woes so we could just enjoy the night...sweet thing.

this is one of our favorite jewelry girls...heidi kennington of rusted pearl,
love this girl!

it was so much fun to get all dressed up and put
 all the girlie stuff on i could.
then get to go and spend the evening 
with two of my favorite ladies...
well that was the best night i could have!  
thanks mads and ginny for indulging me in my little 
ya-ya sisterhood fantasy night.:D
i love you two!!



Tanya said...

Fun!!! Thanks for coming by just now! I love that I live by you!!!

girlsmama said...

That looks like a blast! I just watched that movie again after a few years. :) Always makes me smile!

Anonymous said...

You both look adorable! Looks like a fun night.

Ginny said...

You could have left my picture off!! You and Mady look so darling! I love love love the picture of you that Mindy took, you look FAB U LOUS!! It was a fun night, thanks for letting me come! Love ya

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